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What disease does Frank have in the last of us? How his death differs in The Game & Show

by Ana Lopez
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Spoilers for the HBO series The Last of Us are included in this article. Watching the season finale of HBO’s post-apocalyptic thriller, The Last of Us, left viewers with at least one unanswered question: What condition did Frank have that made him want to end his life?

Based on the 2013 Naughty Dog video game, The Last of Us is a faithful recreation of the source material. The story takes place 20 years after a contagious fungal disease wiped out most of humanity. While some scenes are cut from the video game at large, the show also changes significantly and expands into other aspects of the story.

The relationship between Bill and Frank, which has only been hinted at in the games so far, is one of the main examples we’ve seen during the first three episodes. Another departure from the norm is that Frank is never found in the game, at least not alive. So let’s compare how he dies in the game and the HBO series.

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What disease does Frank have in the last of us?

What illness did Frank suffer from in The Last of Us? Although the name of Frank’s illness is never mentioned on the show, his symptoms clearly indicate he suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS) or some other incurable neurological disease.

Frank’s hands are stiff and at the end of his story he is in a wheelchair, just as you would expect someone with this autoimmune disease to be. In addition, he says there is currently no treatment for his condition. Show runner Craig Mazin said Frank has a neurological illness, but he didn’t specify which one, on HBO’s Last of Us podcast hosted by Troy Baker (Joel in the games).

What disease does Frank have in the last of us?  How his death differs in The Game & Show

Specifically, “we didn’t necessarily want to specify that for the public,” as Mazin says. It was a degenerative neuromuscular disease and could have been multiple sclerosis or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. After all, this is the reality. It’s a common occurrence, but it’s also uncommon.

The conclusion of Bill and Frank’s story is revealed towards the end of the episode “Long Long Time”. Frank makes his final decision as the morning sun fills their conservatory. With “one last good day” in mind, he begs Bill to let him go out with a bang.

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After giving each other rings and enjoying a delicious lunch together, Frank begs Bill to break his sleeping pills and mix them into his wine, causing him to pass out in Bill’s arms. Bill, feeling lonely, decides to share the tablets with Frank and tells him the news.

That’s not the suicide that tragically ends the play,” says Bill. “I’ve come this far, I’m satisfied, and you were the reason I lived.” Despite his initial animosity, Frank eventually admits, “From an objective point of view, it’s really romantic.” They toast each other with a last glass of wine before going to bed for the last time.

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