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Was the porter killed at the base?

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A fatal accident opens “The Watchful Eye”, setting the tone for an undeniable thriller production. The Greybourne building and its inhabitants, who all seem to have their own secrets, will be the focus of the episode.

They include Elena Santos, our protagonist, who has her own goals. Will she be able to carry out her plan, and if so, how much will it cost? Let’s investigate.

Summary of the watchful eye

In the first episode “Chicken in the Foxhouse,” Alice Ward, a resident of the Greybourne Apartments, writes a suicide note and then jumps off the balcony. Then the scene changes to six months later where we see a woman named Elene attending an interview for a nanny position where she will be in charge of Matthew and Alice’s child Jasper.

The setting changes and we now find Tory, who is Matthew’s sister-in-law and lives in the same building as Matthew, to be overly strict. The interview is interrupted by Tory informing Elena that she is not qualified for the position. Elena then mentions her mother, who died as a child.

Elena then accepts a position as a nanny and expresses her gratitude for the opportunity. She then moved to Greybourne where she met other locals and met her Tory husband, now drunk, and her stepdaughter.

Elene then transfers to the second level, where she discovers that the building is haunted and several individuals are also killed. It later becomes clear that Mrs. Ivey knows about something regarding Elena, as she demands payment for the information she will not divulge, tells Elena to do as she pleases, and sends a message to Ivey as well. Again, it’s clear that Elene intends to learn more about the ruby.

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The end of the watchful eye explained

Elena decides to go into the cellar and look for the ruby ​​there that night. She moves through Cecil and Hector. The two doormen got into an argument and made their way to the cellar door. She descends the stairs, unlocks the door and finds herself in a dimly lit corridor that resembles a maze.

The end of the watchful eye explained
The end of the watchful eye explained

After traveling extensively, she finally arrives in what was once a posh dining room with lavish wallpaper. Yet she is now dusty after opening two doors in a row. The walls also feature portraits of numerous individuals, including the building’s creator, Alistair Greybourne.

Elena discovers a locker while looking around the area, but cannot access it. Since it has a keyhole, it must have a key. When the door of the room closes, she is still scanning the area. Even though it is obscured by the wallpaper and is challenging to discover, Elena eventually does and runs off.

Hector is seen dead in front of her as she returns to the stairs that would take her to the ground. The police show up soon after and Hector’s body is disposed of. Scott Macedo, Elena’s lover, is the detective on the scene. Elena returns to her room after a brief conversation in which both parties play their parts.

An image of Alistair Greybourne features prominently on Mrs Ivey’s dressing table as she practices yoga in her apartment. A piece of paper with Alice Greybourne Ward’s name on it is found in a box which Darcy Ayres unlocks. This article is similar to the one Alice wrote before she jumped to her death.

Tory Ayres looks at a photo of Matthew Ward lying in bed next to her husband, Dick. Matthew goes through the clothes while in his wife Alice’s open wardrobe. Of course they all have secrets. Elena meets a second babysitter, Ginny, at the end of the first episode.

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She informs her that Jocelyn does not exist and they are the only two babysitters living in the staff quarters. So who was the woman Elena had met the night before? There’s a lot going on in the Greybourne, and everything and everyone, including Elena and her boyfriend Scott, is suspicious.

How is Jocelyn? Is she one of the supposedly evil spirits Elliot mentioned to Elena earlier? If not, then who is she? Elena is caught in the heart of a complex mystery web that has just begun Episode 1.

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