Home Business Want to boost your online traffic? Learn how to create YouTube ads in this $49 bundle.

Want to boost your online traffic? Learn how to create YouTube ads in this $49 bundle.

by Ana Lopez
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Advertise your business is essential for its growth. According to a Zippia report, up to 80% of all US revenue comes from advertising. But you may not need to spend much of your budget to create effective marketing materials. With some training, you could start making videos to establish your business presence on YouTube, and you can see how it’s done in the 2023 All-in-One YouTube Masterclass Bundle which retails for $48, 99 (reg. $2,400).

Build a following for your business on YouTube.

This 12-course bundle breaks down the process of creating content, creating YouTube marketing materials, building your channel, and more. If you’re a beginner, there are a few places you could start in this beginner-friendly bundle.

YouTube Academy 2023: Complete Beginner to Pro Step-by-Step is a six-hour crash course from The YouTube Academy. This course will show you how to build your channel, get subscribers and even make money by monetizing your videos.

This bundle contains multiple courses dedicated to YouTube Marketing totaling 43 lessons. Study the YouTube advertising basics, business promotion and the video types you can create with the tools your account provides you. You may have a unique, exciting business, but building a following takes work, and these courses also show you how to build your own community on YouTube.

Once you’ve established your audience, you can learn how to increase brand awareness, generate profitable leads, form professional connections, and even cultivate a seven-figure funnel just with your YouTube channel. If you’re having trouble writing scripts, try an AI writing tool or study Photoshop in another course in this bundle and create visually stunning marketing collateral.

Be sure to take courses on video editing, thumbnail creation, video ranking, and take advantage of the 179 royalty-free business music beds to use in your videos.

Use YouTube to get your business more traffic online.

Daring entrepreneurs master every tool at their disposal.

Become a master of YouTube content creation and get the 2023 All-In-One YouTube Masterclass Bundle on sale for $48.99 (reg. $2,400).

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