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Vienna Blood Season 4: What happened to Oskar’s family in this series?

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The British-Austrian TV series Vienna Blood is a psychological thriller set in early twentieth century Vienna, Austria. Based on the Liebermann novels written by Frank Tallis, the series stars Matthew Beard as Dr. Max Liebermann, a student of Sigmund Freud and a physician (Juergen Maurer).

Through psychological analysis of the motives of the suspects, they are able to solve gruesome murder cases. Rising anti-Semitism directed against the Liebermanns is a recurring subtheme. In 2019, it debuted on BBC Two on November 18. A second season of the show was ordered on July 6, 2020. BBC Two debuted the third season on December 14, 2022.

weep blood season 4
weep blood season 4

Vienna Blood’s Secrets: Will They Continue In Season 4?

The BBC did not announce the show’s cancellation or renewal. Nevertheless, the case remained as riveting as ever in the season three finale. Max and Oskar had to investigate the suspicious death of a Hollywood celebrity at the screening of her latest film.

But when they arrived together, Max revealed that she was once admitted to his hospital in an emergency and treated by him for a short time. The case was confusing in itself, and the investigation drew them into the seedy underworld of fame and far-right Austrian politics.

In the wake of this season’s additional conflict, fans were left wondering what the future held for the couple. Max has completed a book discussing the criminal mentality and its psychopathy and incorporating stories from their own experiences. But the whole thing made Oskar wonder if Max’s fascination with these killers and their collaboration stems from his own ego.

It was a compelling plot element as they began to question both their friendship and their partnership. The next season of Vienna Blood will no doubt continue in the same vein (fingers crossed).

When can we expect Vienna Blood season 4?

It’s hard to speculate on a season 4 release date without knowing if the BBC will actually produce it. If the show’s history is any indication, we may have a new season late next year.

Although the first season aired on BBC Two in 2019, production on the second season was delayed (possibly due to COVID) and did not start until 2021. With the release of season 3 so recently, the 2024 holiday season could be a hold promise. .

Unpredictable plot twists from Vienna Blood

We have no doubt that the plot of the fourth part will also contain murder, secrecy and psychological intrigue. The Liebermann Papers, a book series written by Frank Tallisis another source of inspiration for the underrated series.

The novels Mortal Mischief, Vienna Blood, and Fatal Lies have all served as source material for their respective film adaptations. The Tallis book series consists of seven books, so the BBC adaptation could contain the same number of episodes.

If this is the case, the plot summary for the fourth book, Darkness Rising, seems rather creepy. In 1903, the decapitated body of a monk is discovered in front of one of Vienna’s most prominent churches.

The text continues: “Then the body of a city councilor turns up in the cemetery of another church. Because of their shared anti-Semitism, Vienna’s tight-knit Hasidic Jewish community becomes a prime suspect. An explosion is possible in this metropolis where ethnic tensions and extremism are rife.” Rheinhardt and Liebermann go into it, but soon Liebermann becomes engrossed in Jewish mysticism.

What happened to Oskar’s Family in Vienna Blood?

Oskar tells Max that his daughter died and his wife left him after the tragedy. This information inspires Max to come up with a plan. So that Max can get a better look at the other attendees, he and Oskar ask one of them to organize another séance with a fresh medium from Paris.

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