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Undisputed Boxing Game PS5: Early Access PC Release Date Announced!

by Ana Lopez
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Early Access is accessible on PC via Steam. Currently there are over 50 licensed fighters available ranging from Tyson Fury to Muhammad Ali. In the first women’s division in a boxing game, fans of the game can play as their favorite female fighters in addition to using Career Mode.

Many have been pondering the future of the game as the 2023 belly approaches. Exactly when the game will be playable on different platforms.

Undisputed boxing game PS5
Undisputed boxing game PS5

When is the undisputed release date?

The undisputed release date on Steam was January 31, if you were willing to play the game in an early access beta. From that date, the game can be played early for £24.99 on Steam or £19.09 now for CD Keys.

But the price will change as the game gets better and better. We don’t know when the final product will be released yet. The game has already had two public betas, one in November 2022 and the other in December 2022, so we hope it’s almost done.

Steel City Interactive wrote on its Undisputed Steam page that the game will be out in Early Access on Steam first until it “reaches a level of quality that we believe meets our standards.” This means that other platforms may have to wait a bit longer for the full release.

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Can I play the undisputed video game on PS5 and Xbox?

A PC is the only way to play the game. That reports the Twitter page of Undisputed, there are still bugs to be fixed after Early Access. On the Steam page for Undisputed, there was no exact time frame for how long the Early Access period is.

But the goal is to make sure everyone can play the game before it’s released on different platforms. Developers said, “We’ll release the full version of Undisputed when we think it’s ready.” “That means achieving certain goals and a level of quality that meets our standards and takes player feedback into account.”

Because of this, it can be difficult to know for sure how long Early Access will last. We plan to add more content and features over time, which will take time.” When they’re ready, Sporting News will have more information on when Undisputed will be available on PS5 and Xbox.

How much does undisputed cost?

  • PC: $29.99
  • Everyone else: To be determined

Early access costs $29.99. We will make the necessary changes as soon as Xbox and PS5 prices are known.

Undisputed gameplay

Undisputed has grown from a small project to a full-fledged game with more than 30 developers working on it. It promises an authentic boxing experience with footwork mechanics from Loose Movement, over 60 unique fighters and performances from real boxing brands and organizations, such as the British Boxing Board of Control.

There will be 50 fighters on the roster at the start of Early Access. There will be a total of 210 licensed boxers from past and present, including legends such as Deontay Wilder, Eddie Hall, Frank Bruno, Tyson Fury, Jessica McCaskill and of course, Muhammad Ali. This includes a Women’s Division and high-tech scanning technology for creating detailed models of boxers.

Early Access has 50 boxers, seven locations, and both an online and offline multiplayer mode. A Career Mode, Fighter Creation Tools, and more fighters and locations will be added for the full release.

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