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RE/MAX is a platform for buying and selling homes and other real estate. RE/MAX’s renowned real estate professionals help you purchase homes, commercial properties and luxury apartments. It can help you find real estate in Canada, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. You can search for locations by entering an address, zip code, ID, city or country, or by manually navigating the map.

A virtual tour of the home is also provided to help you make a quick decision. In addition, RE/MAX has a mobile app that allows you to search and bookmark available offers for future reference. It also provides real-time updates and alerts for newly listed properties for sale in your preferred location.

It includes categories such as Wonder Homes, Open House, Luxury Homes, Old Homes, Affordable Homes, Apartments and Rental Homes. Luxury homes offered by RE/MAX have unparalleled beauty and architecture, as well as a level of competitiveness designed for luxury living.


Bravo Realty serves eastern Kansas and western Missouri

PropertyShark is a real estate data company that provides comprehensive information on residential or commercial properties in the United States. You can perform a search at any address to see available properties within the perimeter. Alternatively, you can search by name and state of the owner to determine who owns the specific property if you want to contact the owner who has not listed their home for sale.

It provides you with a comprehensive list of investors, area real estate agents, commercial agents, developers, contractors, architects, homebuyers, insurance agents and appraisers to facilitate the sale or purchase of real estate.

Numerous additional property records include cell phone numbers of individual owners, owners names and contact information, bankruptcies, property appraisal, property characteristics, FAR, zoning, sales history, and property documentation. It also provides a list of property valuations in each area, so you can filter the results based on your budget and determine which properties you can afford to buy. PropertyShark also offers rental properties that you can use as an office or temporary living space.

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Stlouis Address & property search

The Stlouis Address & Property Search website provides a search engine for locating properties in St. Louis. You can search for any residential or commercial property by entering a relevant address or location, and the site will display a list of results containing your search terms. You can filter results by boundaries, geography, waste and maintenance service, contact information and elected officials, and business and residential properties. St. Louis Address & Property Search displays all relevant information, including owner information, property information, assessment information, package address information, tax information, and sales details.

The primary address, owner’s name, neighborhood, department number, land use, and description of the property are the basic details. Includes postal address, property address, postal code, collector’s income statement, year of manufacture, and package identification number. Included in the lot data are the condominium, number of units, frontage and land area. The remaining categories consist of information about assessed land, assessed improvements, date of sale, sale price, book number, and annual tax amount paid or due. Overall, Stlouis Address & Property Search is an excellent tool for finding properties in St. Louis.

Real estate information Mecklenburg

Mecklenburg Property Information is a search engine for real estate in the Mecklenburg County region of North Carolina. The information is provided by the Land Assessor Office. The information includes current ownership, legal ownership, description, mailing address, building specifications, sales, real estate prices, bills, taxes, land use and instructions. You can conduct a property search using the address of the property, owner’s name, or lot number.

You can also view your search results in a map mode that pinpoints any street location. It provides a map of the entire state for manual location selection. A notable feature is the ability to measure the area of ​​any location by selecting the land or property component with the line or polygon tool. Double-click on the property to see full details, including the owner’s name, sales tax, and estimated value of the property. Overall, Mecklenburg Property Information is an excellent resource for locating targeted properties and landmarks.

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Florida realtors

Realtor is a real estate website that helps you discover new homes, search for mortgages, locate the property, and create virtual tours of homes, apartments, and condominiums. Daily overviews of newly available hoses are made on the website. You can search for a property by entering an address, zip code or neighborhood and a list of available properties will appear. You can filter results by location, price, condition, and many other factors. It displays comprehensive information including owner’s name, full address, images, videos, virtual tours, condition treatment, prices, number of rooms, building materials, year built and area so you can make an informed decision.

It also allows you to obtain open house information from the owner, as well as annual price history, community center values, veteran and military benefits, neighboring schools, and property history. There is also a map view of the actual address so you can visualize the surrounding streets and roads.

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Real EstateTrac

RealtyTrac is a comprehensive resource for homebuyers, investors and real estate professionals. It meets all your real estate requirements, whether you are a home buyer or a real estate professional looking to sell a property. More than 120 million foreclosed properties, MLS listings, bank-owned homes, auctions, and off-market real estate reports are included in the database. RealtyTrac provides comprehensive real estate and neighborhood data so you can make more informed decisions about which homes or investment properties to buy.

There is always a local estate agent or estate agent present to provide you with expert assistance. It allows you to search for property values, see prices of recently sold homes, and monitor market values ​​in your area. If you enter an address, zip code or neighbourhood, you will see a number of properties that meet your search criteria.

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