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Throwing a Mud on His Back Hogwarts Legacy: How to Achieve This Dueling Achievement?

by Ana Lopez
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Mucks are some of the biggest HP bags in Hogwarts Legacy. You will inevitably have to snipe them to recover the famous languages ​​that will be used in the main missions for your homework and they are also the main targets for making big combos during combat. In this new tips guide we are going to tell you how to complete two dueling achievements which seem to pose a problem: they will ask you to use your spells at very specific times.

How do you turn a mud puddle onto its back?

You will need to use a purple spell (preferably accio or flipendo) at the right time to complete this dueling achievement. Wait for the frog to perform its impossible attack with Protego and Stupefy. He’ll lunge at you and then barely pause for a second: now’s a good time to strike with one of your purple spells! This will flip the enemy and complete the dueling achievement at the same time, we show you all this in detail in the video above. There is a variation of this challenge where you have to flip a slush before it performs its sneak attack. It will have to be reactive, as it will be necessary to defeat your magic before it jumps you on the saddle.

Flip over a swamp as it prepares to launch its sneak attack

This duel performance is very similar to the previous one, but in reality the performance is completely different. As you may have noticed, the modders often attack you by surprise, it’s not negligence on your part, they don’t show up on the map when they are lie in the reeds before the fight, ready to save yourself from it. You can display them on the screen in red Revelio. All that remains is to approach them from behind, using the spell of disillusionmentand whisper in their ear Flipendo hold your wand.

Where can you find muddy shelters to easily complete dueling achievements?

If you want to train yourself to take out frogs, you don’t have to look far, a quick look at the images below will help you find what you’re looking for. Be careful, it’s a little challenge to fight several dirty ones at once.i, especially if you play in hard mode: do everything you can to restore orbs for your old magic meter and reduce the number of enemies with a wave of a magic wand. Using combat items is also a good idea in this case and finally, incendio and its enhancement that causes an aoe around you is a good idea in this kind of confrontation.

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