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The Untold Truth of NF’s Wife – Bridgette Doremus – Wiki, Age

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Who is Bridgette Doremus?

Born on July 25, 1990 in the United States of America, Bridgette Doremus is a fitness guru and a social media personality, best known for her popularity on the website Instagram. She is also the wife of rapper Nathan Feuerstein, also known as NF, who is known for his various songs and albums.

The Wealth of Bridgette Doremus

As of mid 2020, Bridgette Doremus’ net worth is estimated to be over $1 million earned through a successful online career including in the fitness industry which has provided her with numerous opportunities.

She has ventured into the business world and has probably also benefited from the success of her husband who has a net worth estimated at over $6 million.

Life and career

Bridgette developed an interest in fitness and as a hobby at a young age while studying for her undergraduate degree at Washington State University. After graduating from college, she started to learn more and eventually discovered the site Instagram, which has become a hub for many fitness models and enthusiasts. Wanting to establish a brand and business, she created the account Bridge_Fit.

Her following grew over the years as she posted workout videos and tutorials. She also posted about lifestyle and helped motivate many of her followers. She grew to over 100,000 followers, with many people there also because she was attractive. She eventually founded the fitness and lifestyle brand Stripped Fitness in 2013, and the brand’s popularity also skyrocketed after she started a relationship with NF. She continues to use Instagram as a lifestyle blog, while creating a YouTube channel that served more as a vlog with a few fitness workouts. She also started the lifestyle blog Halfway Hippie, which sells merchandise and other items.

Bridget Doremus

Husband – NF

Nathan John Feuerstein was born in Gladwin, Michigan on March 30, 1991, and was raised primarily by his mother, as his parents divorced when he was young – as he was involved in an abusive relationship, his mother took him to go on his own living. He attended Gladwin High School, but before he enrolled, his mother died of a drug overdose, the result of a long-standing addiction.

Around this time, he had looked to music as a means of escaping his rough childhood. He used a karaoke machine to record instruments and used the microphone to rap. He also showed talents in basketball, but not enough to pursue it professionally.

After high school, he went to work in Canton, Michigan as part of the Connection Church, joining the team that organized the Fine Arts Festival there. He continued to make and record music, and in 2010 he self-released his debut album – “Moments” – under his real name, and this led to him getting to know a few music producers, including Tommee Profitt.

Rise to Fame – NF

NF’s partnership with Profitt proved successful as after the release of his debut single “Alone” he was noticed by the Xist Music team who started working with him leading to the release of his debut extended play (EP) “I’m Free”. , created with the help of Profitt.

The EP also included the song “Alone”, and was released following his re-branding to NF, in conjunction with the release of a self-titled EP, which was his last collaboration with the label due to differences of opinion. He continued to release music and work with other artists such as Shuree Williams and Danielle Swift.

In 2014 he signed his collaboration with the Capitol Christian Music Group coincided perfectly with the breakthrough of his EP on Billboard. He quickly became a noted artist on the rap, gospel and Christian charts, receiving very positive reviews for his work, and he soon began work on his first full-length studio album, “Mansion”, which was another success.

Aside from regular music releases, he collaborates with various video game companies to produce music for their soundtracks. Some of the company’s games he has worked on include ‘Apex Legends’, ‘Madden NFL 16’ and ‘MLB The Show 18’.

Recent projects – NF

In addition to video games, NF’s work is also featured as he has been hired by various channels and television shows to showcase his music. Some of the shows he has worked on include “Empire,” “Grimm,” and “Chicago PD,” and his music can also be heard on channels like Showtime, VH1, and ESPN.

In 2016 he released his second album “Therapy Session” and in 2017 his third studio album, “Perception”, was very successful and debuted on the top off the Billboard 200, making him the second artist to release an album without charting first on the Hot 100. The album went platinum and he embarked on a tour with rappers Kyle and Logic. One of his latest releases is 2019’s “The Search”, an album that was released alongside the titular single.

While NF’s music has been identified as Christian, he admitted that he is not a Christian rapper. He is a Christian, but his rap and beliefs don’t necessarily reflect everyone’s opinion. They don’t have to be Christian to like or associate with them.

He mentions that one of his biggest influences is fellow rapper Eminem.

Private life

After Bridgett started dating NF, he became a frequent item on her various social media accounts. Lately he’s been seen less as she’s been paying more attention to her brand and only posts about it on special occasions. The couple married in 2018, having got engaged earlier in the year. The couple lives in Tennessee, and she remains very passionate about living a healthy lifestylefocusing on regular exercise and healthy nutrition, promoting her lifestyle to those who are also interested.

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