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The Untold Truth of Celestia Vega

by Ana Lopez
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The Untold Truth Of Celestia Vega – Who Is She Really?

Celestia Vega was born in New York USA, on August 12, 1998, so her zodiac sign is Leo and she has American nationality. She is a Twitch streamer, model, vlogger and an adult actress, who rose to fame for the provocative photos she uploaded to her Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as the videos she uploaded to her YouTube channel.

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Early life and education

Celestia was raised in New York by her father, who is a social worker, and mother, who is a nurse. She was very sporty growing up as she played various sports such as soccer and volleyball as well as track and field.

She became interested in music at a very young age and started taking guitar lessons when she was five – by the time she turned eight she already knew how to play all her favorite songs. She also loved computers and played video games, and after enrolling in high school and learning about YouTubers, she created her own channel, thus launching her career on the Internet. After matriculation, Celestia moved to California after being invited to become a model. and thus did not enroll in university.

Career as a model and online star

Celestia started her modeling career at the age of 17 when she was offered a contract with Los Angeles Direct Models.

She has posed for several popular brands over the years, such as Gucci and Zara, but after launching her career in the porn industry, she focused solely on making adult videos and retired from modeling. Celestia gained recognition in 2015 after she started uploading her provocative photos on the internet. Her Instagram account had more than two million followers, but was taken down in the second half of 2017 for violating Instagram’s terms of use. She is still active on Twitch where she streams playing games like “RuneScape”, “Animal Crossing” and “League of Legends” while one of her favorite games is “Oblivion”; she is too active on Twitter and snapchat.

Celestia Vega

She launched her YouTube channel on November 15, 2015 and it currently has nearly 600,000 subscribers and a combined nearly 2.5 million views of all her videos. One of her most popular videos is titled “DIRTY question and answerand has been viewed more than 80,000 times since its upload on April 29, 2018.

Celestia was a member of the Luxe Gaming collective, a company of professional gamers, pornographic actresses and streamers. It is all girls and its founder is Zoie Burgher while some of the other members include Abigale Mandler, Luxe Jelzy and Luxe Linda.

The girls usually upload gaming videos while half dressed, and videos of themselves twerking. Celestia was part of the group until she became an adult star and then got blocked by the Luxe Gaming channel on YouTube.

Love life and boyfriends

In the “My Crush, Twerking, BDSM | 50 facts about me‘, video that Celestia uploaded to her YouTube channel, she talks about her love life, her crush and the other things she likes. Some of the things she has shared with her fans include that she hates wearing pants, loves being spanked to the point that she has bruises on her skin, and that she enjoys BDSM (bondage and discipline, domination and submission, and masochism and sadism).

She has also stated that she has crushes on several popular YouTubers and that she was a virgin when the video was uploaded on July 21, 2017. She has since become a porn actress and her videos can be found on the PornHub website. . When she entered 8th grade, she discovered she liked girls, which she tested by kissing her best friend, and then she was sure she was bisexual. She dated a girl for several months while it is not known whether or not she has been in a relationship with a man.

Hobbies and other interests

Celestia loves to travel and spent about two months in London, England, which has since become her dream travel destination. Some of the other places she has been to include Paris in France and Madrid in Spain. She enjoys tasting different cuisines while her favorite food is potatoes, which she especially likes because they can be prepared in different ways, and she likes them all. She is an animal lover and has worked on a farm – some of her favorites are cats, llamas and snails.

She has two cats and three hamsters and is vegan because she couldn’t imagine eating an animal.

Celestia is not religious, although her parents are, and she is a big fan of rock music because she grew up listening to bands like Queen and The Beatles. She likes to watch movies in her spare time, her favorite genre being horror, while her favorite movie is “Friday the 13th”, and she also likes to watch documentaries. She grew up with athletics while also being a cross-country runner. She always dreamed of learning how to skateboard, but didn’t learn because of her poor balance.

Celestia has struggled with depression and anxiety since she first started school, and books helped her combat it. She read three to five short books every day when she was younger, and has probably read thousands now. She likes going to amusement parks, especially riding rollercoasters. She likes to drink alcohol, while her favorite drink is beer.

Appearance and power

Celestia is 21 years old. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, is 1.63 m tall and weighs about 58 kg. As of early 2020, her net worth is estimated to be over $300,000.

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