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The producers of ‘Start Up’ explain how to get your business on TV

by Ana Lopez
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EntrepreneurTV docuseries Start Up tells the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who dared to go their own way, overcame obstacles and launched their dream company.

In this live Q&A, the show’s Emmy-nominated host and writer Gary Bredow and award-winning producer Jenny Feterovich discuss what they’re looking for when sourcing people and companies for the series, and offer tips to help anyone who hopes to make his own documentary series or feature film. Whether you hope to be in front of or behind the camera, don’t miss this!

Where can I look?

Watch and stream: YouTube, LinkedIn And Twitter

You can watch on your phone, tablet or computer.

What time does it start?

Time: Friday, 2/10 at 1:30 PM ET

Why should I watch?

The Emmy-nominated creators will share incredible insights for anyone who dreams of getting their business on TV, or anyone who dreams of making powerful films and videos. None of this is easy, and these time-tested creators will share the ups and downs they’ve personally experienced to help you on your journey.

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