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The Naked Truth of Ana Braga – Who is the 38-year-old Brazilian model?

by Ana Lopez
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Who is Ana Braga?

Born on December 4, 1981 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ana Braga is a model as well as a dancer, best known for gaining much fame starring in numerous iterations of the men’s magazine “Playboy”. As a dancer, she has collaborated with numerous popular artists, including Pitbull, Lil Jon, and Charo.

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The wealth of Ana Braga

As of early 2020, Ana Braga’s net worth is estimated to be over $1.5 million earned through success in her various endeavors. Her modeling and constant features through publications have helped build her wealth. Her work as a dancer has also helped her earn a significant income.

Early life and career beginnings

Ana grew up in a family of models, with her grandmother, mother and aunt working as models for most of their lives. She grew up with a lot of knowledge about the industry and then modeled most of her life. She spent most of her childhood in Brazil where she did print as well as catwalk modeling. In the 1990s, she moved to the US and her popularity continued to grow. Apart from her attractive looks, other reasons for her fame are her openness to sexuality and sex appeal which attracted the magazine “Playboy”, one of the most recognized brands in the world.

It is responsible for popularizing the sexual revolution and is known for its features of nude or semi-nude models called Playmates. Over the years, it has established itself at the forefront of men’s magazines, with many women considering it an honor to be considered for inclusion in the magazine, which is known to feature the hottest women in the world. It is also known for its feature articles from popular celebrities, including politicians, novelists, directors, actors, athletes and many more.

Super Playmate and other features

The Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Braga’s appearances in ‘Playboy’ raised her status.

Ana Braga

She was featured not only in the main American version of the magazine, but also in different iterations of the magazine, mainly centered in areas where her Latina look is in high demand, including editions of Playboy in Romania, Brazil and Venezuela. This continued fame caused by “Playboy” led many to label her as the world-class Playmate and the super Playmate, as it is difficult for Playboy models to find continuing positions in the magazine, which has a lot of competition in terms of aspiring models .

Other publications started approaching her with work, and she was featured in “Fighters Only”, “Cosmopolitan” and “Ultimate MMA”. News websites started covering her too, like “The daily star”, “People” and “TMZ”.

She was nicknamed Celebrity Model because of her numerous news articles and the fact that the paparazzi were very interested in taking pictures of her. She also contributed to the publication “Southern Vixens”, for which she wrote two columns for some time.

Fitness and dancing

Like many models and dancers, Ana advocated a healthy lifestyle, which she discussed in detail in several of her columns, including learning Pilates, which she practices regularly, and she has become a certified instructor. The fitness system is known for controlled movements that target balance, coordination, flexibility, breathing, and developing strong core muscles.


Studies have shown that Pilates improves overall balance and muscle conditioning, although there is limited evidence to prove it relieves long-term problems such as lower back pain.

Ana also has a healthy lifestyle – she does not use drugs, drinks moderately, does not smoke and goes to the gym regularly. She is also talented when it comes to dancing, having done several gigs as a professional – in the 2003 Vibe Awardsshe was seen alongside Pitbull and Lil Jon when she danced to their performances, and also performed alongside artist Charo.

She has expressed her love for dancing multiple times and has traveled the world to perform; some of her most memorable trips are to Mexico, Hong Kong and China.

Advocacy and openness

Ana is a big believer in adopting pets – she’s an animal lover and dislikes how many pets are mistreated; she advocates educating the general public about adoption rather than buying a pet, and has expressed a desire to adopt as many as time and income allow. She believes people have a high chance of encountering purebred animals in shelters. Adopting pets is also a transformative experience for her, as it means rescuing animals from often dire circumstances.

She is also an advocate against cyberbullyingmainly because it is an overlooked problem common in today’s internet-centric society.

Apart from her physical figure, many people are attracted to her because of her openness when it comes to romance and sexuality. She is very confident sexually and is not afraid to wear more revealing outfits. She also rates her sexual performance with a 10 out of 10. She loves kissing and says a great kisser is her greatest turn on. She is also interested in a partner she could consider her best friend.

Private life

Ana Braga is still single, and despite her constant openness when it comes to describing her feelings for romance or sex, she has not been seen with a long-term partner. She prefers to keep that aspect away from the public and doesn’t talk about it often. She is a Christian and has expressed her belief that God is the reason for her career success, despite many resisting the idea that she could become a model. In recent months she has been exploring an increasing interest in music.

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