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The Last of Us is expected to clean up at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards

by Ana Lopez
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The 81st edition of the world famous Golden Globe Awards is not expected until 11 months from now, but the rumor around the campfire is that the various television categories are already sewn shut, despite the fact that we are only a month and a half into 2023. leading Bovada sportsbook online are almost guaranteed to have The last of us finally to win everything there is to win in the different television categories.

HBO’s first series based on a video game is receiving critical acclaim. The joint production of Sony Picture Television, PlayStation productionsthe developers of the game Bad Dogthe Mighty MintAnd Word games has taken the world by storm. The TV series The Last of Us not only perfectly emulates the award-winning video game, but has an incredible writing style and visuals in its own right. The first episode aired on January 15, 2023 and attracted 4.7 million viewers on its first day. That viewership rose to 22 million within 12 daysand HBO wasted no time renewing the series for a second season before January was over and dusted off.

Lead pair is phenomenal

Pedro Pascal And Bella Ramsey had an excellent reputation before being cast in The Last of Us. Pascal, best known for his roles in The mentalist, Game of Thrones, NarcosAnd The Mandalorian, portrays The Last of Us main character Joel to perfection. Everyone who has played the video game has been delighted with how Pascal’s portrayal has stayed true to Joel’s video game persona and how he develops the character on the big screen.

Ramsey, aka Game of Thrones, was nothing short of incredible in her role as Ellie. Ramsey was chosen from over 105 fellow actresses for the role, and she wows viewers with her adaptation of the popular Ellie character, something Ramsey managed to do despite never having played the video game the series is based on.

What’s the last of us?

The Last of Us is a 2013 action-adventure game with survival horror elements developed by Naughty Dog and released exclusively for PlayStation. The series follows the path of the game, but has a few deviations in the way it ends. An outbreak of one mutated Cordyceps fungus has devastated the world, turning human hosts into aggressive creatures known as the Infected. Civilization is falling, and survivors of the global pandemic live in totalitarian quarantine zones and independent settlements or remain nomadic, traversing the barren wastelands and decimated cities, hoping to survive.

Joel lives in one of the quarantine zones, but regularly sneaks out and leaves as he is a smuggler. The Fireflies, a rebel group determined to overthrow the quarantine zone authorities, give Joel and his girlfriend Tess (Anna Torv), transporting 14-year-old Ellie to the Fireflies headquarters in Massachusetts, which is well outside the quarantine zone. One of the infected bit Ellie three weeks ago but she hasn’t turned into one of them despite this happening usually within minutes or hours of being exposed it seems the youngster is immune to infection. The Fireflies believe that Ellie may hold the key to healing the deadly outbreak and thus returning the world to normalcy.

Where is the series now?

At the time of writing, five of the planned nine episodes of the fantastic television series have aired. The last episode aired, “Endurance and Survive”, introduced viewers to a new type of infected who acts as a boss character in the game,”the Blater.” The original costume for the Bloater reportedly cost $500,000 to design and manufacture, though the producers used a green screen for the action shots. The CAFTCAD Prices has already nominated The Last of us for the Excellence in Crafts – Costume Illustration Award for 2023, and we’re only in February!

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