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The end of the menu explained: what is the movie about?

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The end of the menu explained: A dark comedy horror movie directed by Mark Mylod, “The Menu” defies all expectations in terms of plot and has viewers on the edge of their seats the entire time. The premise of the film is that a select group of wealthy people travel to a private island to dine at Hawthorne, the posh eatery of celebrity chef Julian Slowik.

With its observations on the super-rich, gaudy-but-vain activities, and an eventual fall that’s gruesome but satisfying, it’s fun to see where it goes from there. “The menu” is undoubtedly a unique film in specific ways; it’s fun to watch and makes you think.

Tyler and Margot (a young couple): the summary of the menu!

Tyler and Margot, a young couple, wait at a pier for a private boat that is due soon and will transport them to a secluded private island for an exceptional gastronomic experience. Being invited to Hawthorne’s secret gourmet restaurant, which charges an insane $1250 per person, includes the benefit of taking this boat tour.

When Margot first hears about this person, she is immediately shocked, but her partner is convinced that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The other guests – three young tech investors, Soren, Bryce and Dave; an elderly businessman, Richard, and his wife, Anne; an aging actor from the movies, George, and his assistant and girlfriend, Felicity; a well-known food critic, Lillian Bloom, and Ted, the magazine’s editor, all showed up soon after.

Oysters and lemon caviar are offered as a welcome dish once guests board the ship after it arrives. From this point on, Margot begins to understand that her companion Tyler is almost completely devoted to the celebrity chef Chef Julian Slowik, who is in charge of the restaurant. She seems to find it unusual that the dish is simply a twisted method of serving everyday things in a fancy way.

Shortly afterwards, it is also clarified that Margot was not initially invited and had just replaced another woman who was to travel with Tyler. Margot is repeatedly reminded that she must not experience this. She joins in anyway when the visitors land on the island and are given a brief tour before going to the dining room.

The end of the menu explained
The end of the menu explained

She and the other guests have no idea that what they will encounter in this hall for the rest of the evening will indeed be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but one they have not been longing for.

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When Margot reaches the island’s coast, she discovers a small craft that she uses to leave the island. Slowik’s gloomy dinner party is still taking place in the meantime with the remaining attendees. The man had begged Tyler, the celebrity chef’s blind fan, to prepare something for him.

Tyler fearfully does this because he considers himself a chef, but Slowik mocks Tyler and his food after Tyler gives it to him. Tyler hangs himself to death because he can’t take the criticism from the person he’s always looked up to. Slowik prepares his last course, a dessert of s’mores, while the other guests are still present in the dining room.

The chef and his colleagues produce the same dish in an enormous size, contrary to the typical rendition, forcing the customers to wear chocolate hats and marshmallows on their heads and bodies. Then, to cook the marshmallows, he lights a fire throughout the establishment, engulfing all visitors in flames.

The entire restaurant quickly catches fire, including the chef and his entire staff, and explodes. After some time on her journey, Margot’s boat seems to have run out of fuel, and she now observes the explosion on the island. Margot pulls out the burger she had stashed and bites into it, wiping her mouth with a copy of the menu she was also given in the gift bag.

What eventually happens to Margot is purposefully left unanswered as her yacht is currently stranded in the ocean. The crucial truth is that she managed to get out of the deadly trap island, which was achieved by disregarding Julian Slowik’s knowledge. Slowik probably anticipated her escape from the start, but he also enjoyed the fact that someone was willing to expose him and openly question his reputation.

In addition, Slowik doesn’t seem to care if Margot escapes because she isn’t really a member of the gang that Slowik wants to use his plan against. His whole plan, it seems, was to dismantle the high-society, aristocratic figures who had fought to make food such an exclusive affair. Slowik executes it by turning these people into life-sized s’mores and then boiling them to death in proper dark comic form.

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