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Stupéfix Hogwarts Legacy: How do you cast this powerful counter spell?

by Ana Lopez
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If you’re playing on story or easy difficulty, you don’t necessarily need to use Protego to block and kill Hogwarts Legacy enemies. it is therefore unlikely that you will use Stupefix regularly. However, it is an essential mechanic of the game’s gameplay as the spell corresponds to the counterattack.

How to use Stupefix correctly?

The Stupefy spell is learned within the first few hours of play, and like Petrificus Totalus, you don’t need to study it from a teacher in order to use it. This is the counter spell that follows a Protego that gets stuck at the right time. casting Stupefix, observe the yellow signal indicating that an attack that can be countered by an enemy will be launched, then press triangle or Y to launch Protego while holding the button. After half a second of pressure, your wizard will launch Stupefy at the chosen target. This will have the effect of briefly knocking him out, giving you free rein to take on other enemies or unleash big combos.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Stunning improvements

This spell can be upgraded 3 times during your progress in the game and we recommend that you unlock his talents quickly once you master the counter during the battles. It will be essential to survive in the highest difficulty, so try and make it your own quickly by clearing out the bandit camps around Hogwarts, they’re easy targets.

  • Level 5: Stupéfix can curse the enemy (green cross), the damage dealt to this target is increased. Very useful against tricky enemies like trolls or mud.
  • Level 16: Stupefy stuns the target longer.
  • Level 22: Stupefy deals extra damage when hitting the target.

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