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Startup says it’s received $1 million in pre-orders for its $60,000 hydrofoils – businessroundups.org

by Ana Lopez
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Hey folks, welcome back! Below we have some roundups for 2022 and even some news. I suspect it will get even slimmer as the week progresses, but never mind! There will always be stories to share. Here’s your Wednesday edition of the Daily Crunch. — Strict

The businessroundups.org Top 3

  • Sports on Amazon: The tech giant wants to continue its march into broadcasting live sports, adding to its current lineup of Thursday Night Football, Premier League football and the like, Aisha reports. Pro tip, Amazon: Add cricket to your plans.
  • Call true: Movano beat the CES rush to launch Evie, a smart ring focused on women’s health, Brian reports.
  • In the water: Earlier this month, Boundary Layer focused on producing personal watercraft that could fetch interested parties up to $60,000 once completed. Hey reports that the company has more than $1 million worth of orders.

Dear Sophie: Should employees stop working until they have their EBD?

lone figure at the entrance of a maze hedge with an American flag in the middle

Image Credits: Bryce Durbin/businessroundups.org

Dear Sophia,

One of our employees has an H-4 visa and has a work permit document. It has been five months since he applied for his EAD, which expires next month. Is there a way to speed up this process? Will he have to stop working if he doesn’t receive his new EAD card before his old one expires?

Because it takes so long to get EAD cards, we are concerned about another of our employees, who has an L-2 visa with an EAD expiring early next year.

In addition, the H-4 visa officer wants to visit his family in India as it has been more than three years since his last visit. Can he and his family return to the US after four weeks?

– Conscious manager

We also rounded up the best of our climate coverage on TC+ this year. And Tim had a few more favorites:

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BigTech Inc.

  • Trimming Twitter: told a developer based in Norway Ivan that she created a tool to help you search the list of accounts you follow because she reached the follow limit on the platform.
  • Politics… tik tok: The US House of Representatives has ordered all employees and lawmakers to remove TikTok from their government-issued phones, citing “security concerns”, Carly writes.
  • Bitcoin mining deal: Galaxy Digital has agreed to acquire Argo Blockchain’s bitcoin mining facility, Helios, for $65 million, Jacquie writes.
  • Code-generating AI: Sounds cool, right? We will, Kyle wrote about a study that showed code-generating AI can introduce security vulnerabilities.

2022 in overview

  • Good news!: Amanda, Kyle, TimDevin and Rebekah have an overview of good news in technology for you. This group of TC reporters put their heads together to mine 2022 for some tech goodness. Climate technology supported by the Inflation Reduction Act and the James Webb Space Telescope are on the list.
  • En route: Rebekah has collected the biggest transportation stories that have driven the year.
  • Survey investors: And Karan and Aries give you a glimpse of the investor surveys we conducted at TC+ this year.

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