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Star Wars Visions Season 2 goes international

by Ana Lopez
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When Star Wars: Views debuted in 2021, it was rightfully praised for giving some of Japan’s top anime studios free rein to design their own, ahem, visions of what the Star Wars universe could look like . While the results have generally been excellent, season two will be produced outside of Japan.

There will be nine short films in the upcoming series, featuring work from different countries. For season two, Star Wars will be represented by nine different multinational studios from nine different countries. The titles of their short films, that’s all we currently know, are listed below:

You can also check out the recently released Anime below:

Wallace & Gromit claymation makers Aardman, “I am your mother”

The Irish animation studio behind The Breadwinner, Wolfwalkers and The Secret of Kells is Cartoon Saloon, also known as Screecher’s range.”

D’Art Shtajio, “The well“— a Japanese animation studio that has contributed to numerous anime series and produced the utterly bizarre Sound & Fury movie starring alt-country singer Sturgill Simpson (you can currently watch it on Netflix)

88 Pictures, “The Tires of Golak“— an Indian production company that created the Netflix children’s series Trollhunters Guillermo del Toro.

El Guiri Studios, “Sith— a Spanish production company run by Rodrigo Blaas that has contributed to several Pixar films.

Punk robot, “In the stars”—A Chilean animation studio that has made several children’s shows I’ve never heard of, but that seems cool.

You can also check out the recently released Anime below:

Company La Cachette, “The Spy Dancer”, a French animation studio that produced Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal series

Triggerfish, ‘Aau’s song— South African production company that has made several short BBC films.

It’s a bit strange. While I love the concept of Visions expanding its horizons with Star Wars visions from around the world, I’m also a little disappointed that there won’t be any additional Star Wars anime.

It was really great stuff! While we won’t have much time to see what these nine studios have created, that doesn’t mean these shorts aren’t going to be fantastic. On May 4, the second season of Star Wars Visions will no doubt begin streaming on Disney Plus, as God planned.

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