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Sraaz WoW: Where to find this NPC for the Love in the Air event?

by Ana Lopez
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During the global Love in the Air event that takes place every year in World of Warcraft, some achievements require you to encounter some very specific but hard to find NPCs. One of them is called “Flirt with disasterand requires meeting a certain Sraaz in order to be successful, a task you can accomplish in the blink of an eye.

  • This guide is valid for both “Classic” and “Retail” expansions of WoW.

Why look for Sraaz in WoW?

Sraaz is a fairly nondescript NPC that Alliance players have probably encountered without paying the slightest attention. However, during the world event dedicated to love and sobriety titled “Love in the Air”, which takes place every year in the month of February, you will be asked for one of the dedicated performances at this event to meet this little leprechaun.

This achievement is “Flirt with disasterand only Alliance players need this NPC as Horde players must travel to the Undercity and interact with Jeremiah Payson to complete it. It is needed in classic and modern versions to get the meta achievement Artichoke heartitself needed to obtain the coveted famous Proto Drake for Crimson Available after completing all main achievements in every world event of every year. A rather difficult task!

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To achieve this achievement, the aim is to complete the following tasks in a very specific order while near the NPC dedicated to your faction: Sraaz in Ironforge if you are aAllianceor Jeremiah Payson in Undercity for players of the Horde. These are the tasks to be performed:

  1. Buy 5 copies of Barrel Land Bourbon canister against some silver coins with Tastevin Sole thanks to the central tavern of Dalaran (coordinates 43.8, 46.2)
  2. Get 1 copy of Perfume “VICTORY”. Can be obtained after defeating Apothecary Hummel in Shadowfang Keep during the Love in the Air event, or can be purchased for 1 promise of love from each Lovely Merchant
  3. Buy 1 copy of handful of rose petals. For sale in exchange for 2 promises of love from each Lovely Merchant

Once you have all these items in your possession, go to Sraaz (Alliance) or Jeremiah Payson (Horde) to complete your achievement by using all of these items in the following order:

  1. 1x Perfume “VICTORY”
  2. 5x Barrel Land Bourbon canister
  3. Goal Sraaz (Alliance) or Jeremiah Payson (Horde) and use 1x Handful of rose petals
  4. Goal Sraaz (Alliance) or Jeremiah Payson (Horde) and type the command /kiss Or /kiss
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How do you like Sraaz and Jeremiah Payson during the Love in the Air event?

The most complicated part, and that’s another big word, of this achievement is of course finding Sraaz for the players of theAlliance and Jeremiah Payson for that of the Horde. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find them, as they can be found in the Great Forge in Ironforge and the Trading Quarters in the Undercity, respectively.

Where to find Sraaz in WoW?

Sraaz is a Gnome who patrols the Great Forge in the center of Ironforge in the Eastern Kingdoms. The trail is quite easy and you probably won’t find it difficult to get your hands on it after seeing the route in a loop.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

Where to find Jeremiah Payson in WoW?

Jeremiah Payson is a Found Forsaken who sits in the heart of the capital of the Undercity in the Eastern Kingdoms. He hides under the stairs leading to the capital’s central bank and is surrounded by cockroaches (which he sells as pets).

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

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