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Splatoon 3 DLC release date: what does it have to offer?

by Ana Lopez
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During their Nintendo Direct on February 8, 2023, Nintendo announced a premium DLC pack for Splatoon 3. Inkopolis and Side Order are the first two downloadable content packs included in the Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass.

The series regularly adds new episodes after they premiere. The Expansion Pass remains largely a mystery, but Nintendo revealed some key details during its most recent Direct. There’s still a lot to learn about the upcoming Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass, but here’s what we know so far.

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What will be the Splatoon 3 DLC release date?

The first of two waves of content in the Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass, Inkopolis will be released in Spring 2023, sometime between late March and early June. To date, there is no word yet on when Side Order will be available, but perhaps this will change in the near future.

What about Splatoon 3 DLC Expansion Pass Trailer?

The reveal trailer for the Expansion Pass, which was revealed during a Nintendo Direct, is nearly three minutes long and is packed with exciting content for Splatoon 3. While Nintendo has cut back significantly on the Inkopolis content of the Expansion Pass, they did hint at the Side Order content in the last paragraph.

Splatoon 3 DLC release date
Splatoon 3 DLC release date

Splatoon 3 DLC Expansion Pass: What Does It Offer?

Much is still unknown about the Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass, although Nintendo did show us the new Inkopolis area. This downloadable content is clearly influenced by the first Splatoon game, as it features similar shops, characters, and the main hub area.

You can buy weapons and supplies, as well as more materials for Salmon Run and Tablegrass fight, in these stores. The Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie will also perform at the main center. Before Inkopolis’ debut in Spring 2019, Nintendo will almost certainly provide additional details.

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Nintendo hasn’t given much information about Side Order. It has a faded look that’s almost sinister, and it’s nothing like the main game. No release date has been set for this wave, but it appears to be a significant departure from the rest of the series iterations so far.

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