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Southwest cancels flight to $4,000 honeymoon cruise for couples

by Ana Lopez
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After Christmas, Wisconsin schoolteachers Marcus and Andrea Grasenick were due to travel to Florida, where they would embark on their dream honeymoon – until Southwest Airlines canceled thousands of flights due to software glitches and extreme winter weather. The newlyweds missed their cruise and basically lost $4,000. Southwest has not yet offered any assistance.

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The Southwest Airlines check-in desk prepares passengers for departure.

On the Monday after Christmas Day, the couple flew to Nashville, where they then waited to hear about their connecting flight from Southwest Airlines. The Grasenicks chilled out for hours before learning that the flight was canceled and there was no other way to get to Fort Lauderdale in time for their honeymoon cruise. The pair had no choice but to make the long drive back home.

Thousands of people in the United States were affected by Southwest canceling thousands of flights during this period. The impact of social media on the airline was severe, with people expressing outrage online and calling the airline for not providing better customer service.

Speak against WTMJ of Milwaukeesaid Andrea Grasnick that this is the only time she and her husband have the same vacation, “so we can’t even go to another time to make it up to you because this is the only one. This is the only chance we had. “

While Grasenick expressed her gratitude that Southwest recently indicated that they would be giving refunds and travel credits to passengers like her, she told TMJ that this was “lost time,” and you can’t give that time back. You can give our $4,000 cruise [sic] that we have issued. If you could, great. But the memories we were going to make with each other and with our friends, you can’t put a price on that.”

placed southwest an update Thursday evening on its website. It reads:

In light of the travel disruptions, we understand that many customers may wish to rebook. All customers traveling through January 2, 2023 may rebook in the original class of service or travel standby (within 30 days of your original travel date between the original city pairs and in accordance with our accommodation procedures) at no additional cost; Please note that available stock is limited during the holiday season.

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