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Smiley season 2 release date: will it happen or will it be canceled?

by Ana Lopez
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Smiley season 2 release date

Smiley is a good but unusual romantic comedy series that starts with a big plot twist. With its storyline and basic plot, this series is only for a very specific kind of niche audience. Smiley has been picked up for a second season, which made fans very happy.

If you want to know more about the show and its second season, don’t worry. We have all the information you need. In this article, we’ll talk about when Smiley Season 2 will be released, who will star in it, what’s going to happen and much more. Read the whole article to find out everything you need to know.

When is Smiley season 2 coming out?

For now, Netflix has not announced a release date for the second season of the hit show Smiley. Realistically, a second season will almost certainly emerge, although the options are limited.

This can be attributed to the fact that the show is based on Guillem Clua’s play and the first season completely covers the play’s plot, leaving nothing for a second season. The show also has a beautiful finish that makes sense as the pair reunite.

Smiley season 2 release date

This suggests that the possibilities of a second season are slim. However, given the show’s theme focuses on the holiday season of Christmas, a second season is expected to premiere around December 2023.

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What could be the plot of Smiley season 2?

Not much can be written about what Season 2 will have in store for viewers and fans once it’s released. This is due to the fact that the first season ended on a high note. The first season almost completely ended with Alex and Bruno overcoming all challenges and eventually forming a true partnership.

Further, the romantic comedy is based on the play by Guillem Clua. Since the first season was entirely space-focused, the show’s authors can’t add or take away much from the play to portray on film. However, if a new season is possible, it will most likely fall within the schedule of the same festive season.

Smiley season 2 release date

This means it will follow Alex and Bruno one year into their relationship, as Christmas is when they met. The writers can go into great detail about what their relationship looks like a year later and what challenges they might face. They can also show the audience how their band has changed and helped them grow.

Who’s in the cast of Season 2 of Smiley?

The cast of Smiley has received a lot of appreciation from its followers and viewers. Rightly so! Even before they got together, the first couple, played by Carlos and Miki, had completely captivated viewers’ hearts with their relentless push-and-pull in their relationship. If we get another season (and we hope we do), here are some of the cast members we can expect to see on screen:

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  • Carlos Cuevas as Alex
  • Miki Esparbe as Bruno Merino
  • Pepón Nieto as Javier / Keena Mandrah
  • Meritxell Calvo [es] as Veronica “Vero”
  • Eduardo Lloveras as Albert
  • Ruth Llopis as Nuria
  • Maria Isabel Diaz Lago as Yessenia
  • Giannina Frugtero as Patri
  • Ramon Pujal like Ramon

Is there a trailer for Smiley season 2?

At this point, the official Smiley Season 2 trailer has yet to be released. A first look or teaser is expected to appear in the coming months. Until then, you can watch the Season 1 trailer below:

Where can I watch Smiley?

Smiley can now be seen on Netflix.

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