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Sleep better, snore less, and stay cool with this tech-packed pillow, now $49.99

by Ana Lopez
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Entrepreneurs are busy people. That’s an understatement! When you wear multiple hats and have an endless to-do list, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep every night. It’s essential to make sure your bedroom evokes a sense of peace – from your blackout curtains to your comfy pillow.

The search for the perfect pillow can be tough, but the Carbon SnoreX 8-in-1 cooling pad offers many benefits. It is the the world’s first pillow with 8-in-1 technology, with features that can help you catch some extra winks night after night. And you can find one for just $49.99.

Get ready to sink into the Carbon SnoreX 8-in-1 cooling pad and enjoy ultimate comfort. This pillow is much more than a memory foam pillow – it’s also equipped with eight different technical features to help you drift off into slumberland. And if you’re a snorer (or love someone who snores), it can also help combat the annoyance of snoring, thanks to the excellent neck and head support it provides while promoting spinal alignment.

The carbon bamboo AirTech memory foam, graphene and copper help protect against allergens and bacteria. And there are double armrests for ultimate comfort all night long.

Are Ice Cool Cover Offers protection against overheating, keeping you cool all night long. At the same time, the specially designed Carbon Bamboo Charcoal regulates your temperature for an extra layer of cooling protection that also eliminates odors and absorbs excess moisture. Bamboo charcoal can also absorb toxins, help prevent mold growth and purify the air around you.

Upgrade your quality of rest with the Carbon SnoreX™ 8-in-1 cooling padnow only $49.99 (reg. $59), for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

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