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Should I watch previous Scream movies?

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How to watch Scream movies in order

How to watch Scream movies in order

When the first Scream movie was released in 1996, it not only became a commercial success, but also changed the game for the horror genre for the rest of the decade.

The film was a surprise hit and paved the way for several sequels and a television show.

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The sixth installment of the Scream franchise will be released next year, and if you have the first five movies so far, we’re here to recommend the best order to watch them in.

The best order to watch the Scream Film series

Five Scream movies and a TV program have been released so far. Unlike the Star Wars saga, the Scream franchise has a fairly simple viewing sequence.

Most of the movies in the series do numbers in their titles, which reveal the order in which to view them. The following are the Scream movies in chronological order:

1. Scream (1996)

Scream (1996), the movie that started it all, told the story of high school student Sidney Prescott, who lives in the fictional town of Woodsboro and becomes the target of a serial killer dressed as Ghostface for Halloween.

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How to watch Scream movies in order

The movie was perfect blend of slasher thriller and horror, and it revived the slasher genre in the 1990s.

2. Scream 2 (1997)

Sydney and reporter Gail manage to escape the deadly events of the first film and find themselves at the center of a murder mystery that happens during the preview of a ‘Stab’, a meta-movie based on the events of the first Scream movie.

3. Scream 3 (2000)

The film picks up three years after the events of Scream 2. When Sydney and her friends visit the set of ‘Stab 3’, another meta-movie based on the Woodsboro murders, they are once again terrorized by a Ghostface killer.

4. Scream 4 (2011)

The story takes place many years after the events of Scream 3. Sydney has now written a self-help book to help her overcome her trauma, and she returns to Woodsboro to promote it and reconnect with old friends. However, her return heralds Ghostface’s return and the cycle of kills resumes.

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5. Scream (2022)

Many people were perplexed when the fifth film in the franchise was simply titled ‘SCREAM’, the same as the first one. However, the film is a continuation of the film series rather than a reboot or remake.

How to watch Scream movies in order

SCREAM takes place twenty five years after the original Woodsboro murders and follows a new group of teenagers being attacked by Ghostface, as well as the return of Sydney and Gail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Scream movies linked?

A reboot discards continuity and recreates characters, storylines, and plot to mimic a franchise, while a sequel continues the storyline and plot of the original films. This implies that scream 2022 is undoubtedly a sequel. Scream, on the other hand, is better classified as a legacy sequel.

Should I watch previous Scream movies?

This is not a must-see movie 27 others to understand. However, the more you know about the previous four, the better your experience will be.

Is Scream 2022 a reboot or a sequel?

Next year, williamson, Returning as executive producer, confirmed that the film would not be a reboot and that Radio Silence’s Betinelli-Olpin and Gillett had been hired to direct the film. Filmed in March 2020.

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