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Shannon Sharpe contract uncontested: will he quit the show?

by Ana Lopez
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Shannon Sharpe contract uncontested: On Tuesday, January 3, Shannon Sharpe returned to the “Undisputed” ready to explain his absence and confront Skip Bayless about his Damar Hamlin tweet. When Bayless interrupted Sharpe’s speech, the effects were explosive. A heated argument between the two may have revealed more about their controversial on-air relationship.

Shannon Sharpe contract uncontested

“There has been a lot of speculation about why I wasn’t on the air yesterday, and I won’t get into speculation, conjecture or innuendo,” That’s what Sharpe said Wednesday morning on Undisputed.

“But I will say this; When I watched that game on Monday night, what happened to Damar Hamlin struck me differently. As a fraternity in the NFL when injuries happen, and we know injuries are a part of the game, I’ve seen guys suffer ACLs and Achilles tendons, but I’ve never seen anyone revived and fighting for their life on the field . So this struck me a little differently, because I remember seeing my brother standing on the field temporarily paralyzed, and he was able to concentrate again.

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Sharpe is a former athlete who is aware of the consequences of participating in a risky activity. He also acknowledges that, as a media figure alongside one of America’s most divisive sportswriters, he must anticipate when his emotions will explode. He was referring to this when explaining why he didn’t appear on Tuesday’s program or why he tried before being brutally stopped.

Will Shannon Sharpe quit the show?

Many people are curious how the much-watched incident would affect their interpersonal dynamics. On the one hand, two polarizing personalities are all that keep sports debate shows going. But many felt Bayless’ post went too far in terms of decency at a time when Hamlin’s health was all that mattered. Sharpe extended his multi-year contract Fox Sports to meet Bayless in 2019.

Shannon Sharpe contract uncontested
Shannon Sharpe contract uncontested

It remains to be seen whether the conflict helped or hurt their relationship, but the fallout from Damar Hamlin’s injury comes to the fore in this rift in their union.

Pressure points

When Fox signed Bayless in 2016 after 12 years ESPN, they hailed him as a brave TV pioneer. However, the network’s top talent can be under pressure, such as Code Blue in the boiler room:

  • For FS1, losing Sharpe would be terrible for business. The 54-year-old Sharpe, who was initially only Bayless’s opponent in debates, has since become almost as beloved on his own. If he retires, he’ll be next in a long line of Bayless’ TV colleagues doing so, including Cari Champion at ESPN and Joy Taylor and Jenny Taft at FS1. In 2021, a frustrated Taft attacked Bayless before quitting “Undisputed.” I’m entitled to an opinion, Skip, she exclaimed.
  • By hiring Smith as his full-time debating partner at “First time” in 2012, Bayless helped Smith save his career. However, the teacher is now the student. In the TV ratings, Smith regularly beats his former mentor. December’s “First Take” audience was more than double that of “Undisputed,” an average of 492,000 viewers instead of 181,000. In addition, Bayless no longer has the protection of Jamie Horowitz, the former FS1 executive who lured him away from ESPN (Horowitz now serves as executive vice president at WWE).
  • Colleagues find Bayless a terrifying person to deal with. There has long been an unspoken rule at Fox: never criticize Skip. However, the terror aspect has completely disappeared. Fox Sports Radio’s Doug Gottlieb cited Bayless’ claim that “no one” at Fox had a problem with his Hamlin tweets.
  • Gottlieb questioned Bayless’s ignorance of his own partner’s discord. And Bayless himself forgot that he acknowledged on Tuesday that his supervisor had urged him to do so “clarify” his tweet to Hamlin? I was born at night, dude. Not even a night ago. Gottlieb stated on his program, “Get the f- out of here.”
  • Former NBA champion Matt Barnes said he had to persuade an NBA player and coach not to beat up Bayless. Barnes, who has appeared on “Undisputed” and other FS1 studio shows, said Bayless is getting into acting more and more “disrespectful and out of pocket” towards Sharpe. “I think Skip’s day is coming, and it might not be from a shooting point of view, because we know that white men in this profession can kind of get away with it and do whatever they want.”
  • Ironically, Smith, his former sparring partner and “brother from another mother” at ESPN, was one of the few media figures to publicly defend Bayless this week.

As previously reported by Front Office Sports, Smith and Bayless are interested in working together again, be it at ESPN, FS1 or another media outlet. Smith stated in an interview this week that he thinks Bayless has the best of intentions.

“I’ve disagreed with Skip Bayless for years. I’m afraid I have to disagree with him now – and I will disagree with him in the future,” Smith said. “But he’s still my brother. He’s still the man who brought me here on ‘First Take.’

Hey, relinquish it for a dedicated Stephen A. However, a Bayless defenseman pointed out that Smith played a different position than Sharpe. “Wild a man who works for your competitor has more behind you than a man on your team,” he noticed. Aikman, the network’s longtime No. 1 NFL commentator, criticized Bayless’ hiring when Fox signed him in 2016.

“I believe success is achieved by acquiring and developing talented, respected and credible individuals – none of which apply to Skip Bayless,” Aikman told Sports Illustrated. Aikman has left Fox. Bayless’ troubles may be just beginning.

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