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Robin Arzon pregnant: she is expecting her second child with Drew Butler

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Her second child is on the way for Robin Arzón! On the set of Live with Kelly and Ryan earlier today, the adored Peloton instructor broke the news. Arzón was demonstrating a workout for Seacrest when the host asked if she had performed this activity while pregnant.

Arzon replied, ‘Well, funny you should ask, because I’m pregnant! I am now expecting my second child! The daughter of Peloton’s vice president of fitness programming, Athena, who is 22 months old, is already a mom and ecstatic to be a big sister.

In a special interview with People, Arzón said: “She touches my belly and says hello to the baby.” We will continue to involve her in this process without any hesitation because I want her to feel the way she is, which she most certainly is.

Arzón, a marathon runner, Platoon instructor, and general fitness enthusiast, was open about her desire to exercise while wearing Athena. She plans to continue the trend with her second pregnancy. She told Seacrest, “I really believe in being active during pregnancy and finding a ‘power posse’ that I can do it with.

During her first pregnancy, the self-described “professional bar raiser” spoke to The Bump about her desire to encourage women to shed unwarranted restrictions and embrace what feels right.

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When it comes to finding the motivation to stay active, “it’s important to acknowledge how we feel without giving in to it,” says the author, “I feel like we’re underprepared[ing] women by sending the message that they should only take long walks and kick their feet up when they can do more.”

Remember that you can always change the length, intensity or expectations of the workout. It can seem like a real win, even if you just promise yourself, “In the next ten minutes, I’m going to move more than I was sitting on my couch or sleeping in my bed.”

Robin Arzon Pregnant
Robin Arzon Pregnant

Every workout during pregnancy is a small victory. Still, Arzon thinks that continuing to exercise will be crucial to reach her goal “Keep my calm and fully acknowledge my no” this time.

“I find it even more important to schedule training time during pregnancy and pay attention to sleep, nutrition and maintaining my rest. There are many days when my body just does its own thing, and I want to feel like myself as much as possible,” said Arzon.

Check out this list of dos and don’ts exercises if you’re looking for different methods to stay active during pregnancy. Then discuss your options with your doctor to determine the most beneficial.

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