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Rihanna Net Worth 2023: How She Became The Richest Female Musician In The World?

by Ana Lopez
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Rihanna is a singer, songwriter, actor and businesswoman who was born in Barbados. Her debut album, “Music of the Sun”, propelled her to fame in 2005 and since then she has been involved in a flurry of tours, award shows, talk show appearances, red carpet appearances, acting roles and fashion empires.

She has sold 60 million albums and 120 million singles to date. She has the most digital music downloads ever. She holds the record for having the #1 songs on the Billboard charts (12) among solo artists before the age of thirty.

This page discusses Rihanna’s net worth, early life and career. So read it to the end.

Rihanna Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Make?

As of 2023, the estimated value of Rihanna’s net worth is $1.7 billion. Rihanna is the richest female musician in the world by her total wealth. One of the most famous and financially successful musicians today is Rihanna.

Her partnership with the luxury goods giant LVMH to create the Fenty Beauty Line has added significant value to her net worth. The company brings in more than $100 million annually.

It is said that Rihanna owns 50% of the partnership and the brand is valued between $2 and $3 billion. She also owns a 30% stake in Savage X Fenty, a lingerie company with an estimated market capitalization of $1 billion.

Rihanna’s fast-growing business brings in anywhere from $40 to $80 million each year. For example, she earned $65 million between June 2018 and June 2019. Her earnings from June 2019 to June 2020 were $45 million.

Name Rihanna
First and last name Robyn Rihanna Fenty
Net value $1.7 billion
Date of birth February 20, 1988
Birthplace Saint Michael Parish
Age 34 years old
Height 1.73 meters
Sex Female
Profession Singer, fashion designer, actor, music artist, songwriter

Rihanna’s multi-million dollar deals with top companies

Rihanna has successfully tapped into her fame to launch several lucrative business endeavors. She agreed to a $25 million deal with Samsung in 2015 to advertise their Galaxy product line.

Secret Body Spray, MAC Cosmetics, Budweiser, Armani, Dior, Cover Girl, Gucci, Clinique, and River Island are just a few of the other companies she has worked with.

After joining Puma as creative director in 2014, she oversaw the company’s women’s line and launched collaborations for apparel and footwear that quickly sold out.

She is also a co-owner of the music streaming service Tidal along with other famous people including Jay-Z, Madonna and Kanye West.

In partnership with LVMH’s Kendo Brands, Rihanna debuted her makeup brand Fenty Beauty in September 2017. In the first two months, the brand generated sales of $100 million.

The line grossed $570 million in 2018. Based on a 7x revenue multiple, the brand’s total value could be between $2 and $3 billion. Rihanna is rumored to own 50% of the company. The pre-tax value of Rihanna’s investment is $1 to 1.5 at these valuation levels.

In addition to Fantasy beauty, Rihanna also shares ownership of Savage X Fenty lingerie line launched in 2018. Her share in this company is 30%. Savage x Fenty is currently worth $1 billion. She previously owned the clothing and accessories company Fenty. This company was closed.

How does Rihanna invest her money?

Rihanna spent $6.9 million on a Beverly Hills property in 2009. The beautiful house had a sleek, modern look, lots of glass, high ceilings and wooden floors, and seemed like the ideal setting for the 21-year-old singing sensation. Eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms were featured in the 10,000-square-foot home.

The home proved to be the ultimate rockstar pad thanks to the breathtaking view of the valley below, floor-to-ceiling windows, a large backyard with pool, a paved patio, a beautiful open kitchen with all new fixtures and a media room, among many other lavish luxuries.

Unfortunately, among other problems, the house had a serious water leak problem. Rihanna put the apparently abandoned house on the market in 2011 for $4.5 million, a significant drop in price.

She also filed a complaint at the same time, saying she was not aware of the structural issues as she had been told the house was in excellent condition when she bought it. These issues include a curiously sloping balcony that drains essentially all of the rainwater into the house.

She agreed to pay $5.03 million for the house in 2012. The mansion sold for $7.6 million in 2014 after the next owner fixed the water problems.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen spent $14.1 million on the property in January 2016. In 2021, they put the house on the market for $22 million, but only accepted $16.8 million a few months later.

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Rihanna’s early years

Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born on February 20, 1988 in Saint Michael, Barbados. She is of Irish, Afro-Guyanese and Afro-Barbadian descent. Due to her father’s alcoholism and use of crack cocaine, she had a difficult upbringing and found refuge in music.

Evan Rogers, an American record producer, discovered her in Barbados and brought her to the country where she recorded demos and was signed to their production company, Syndicated Rhythm Productions.

Rihanna’s career success in the music world

Rihanna was asked to audition for rapper Sean Carter, aka Jay-Z, who was the CEO of Def Jam Records at the time after hearing her demo. In 2004 she immediately got a recording contract for six albums.

Jay-Z was part of a group of producers with whom she collaborated to create her debut studio album ‘Music of the Sun’ (Aug. 2005). This was quickly followed by ‘A Girl Like Me’, Rihanna’s first album to receive a platinum certification from the RIAA (April 2006).

Rihanna Net Worth 2023
Rihanna Net Worth 2023

The lead track from the 2007 album “Good Girl Gone Bad,” “Umbrella,” sold more than 8 million copies worldwide and earned her and Jay-Z the 2008 Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. ‘Rated R’ (2009 ), “Loud” (2010), “Talk That Talk” (2011), “Unapologetic” (2012) and “Anti” are some of her latest albums (2016).

The other prominent songs she has worked on with other artists are “Take Care” (2012) with Drake, “Take This Town” (2016) with Calvin Harris, “Love the Way You Lie” (2010) with Eminem, ” Princess of China” (2012) with Coldplay and “This Is What You Came For” (2016) with Calvin Harris.

Rihanna movie appearances and voice acting

The August 2006 movie “Bring It On: All or Nothing” featured Rihanna in a cameo as herself. Her television show “Styled to Rock” debuted in the UK in 2012, while the US version of the program debuted in 2013.

Battleship (2012), Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017), Ocean’s 8 (2018), and Guava Island are some of the other films she has appeared in (2019). In addition, she provided the voice of Tip in the animated film ‘Home’ in 2015 along with the soundtrack of a concept album.

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