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Right or Wrong Hogwarts Legacy: What Are the Consequences of Your Choices?

by Ana Lopez
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Before Hogwarts Legacy was released, the developers said it would be possible to be as bad as you want. That was an exaggeration, even though there are indeed quite a lot of opportunities to show cruelty, or vice versa, kindness. Warning, spoilers!

What are the consequences of good and bad choices?

This may disappoint you a bit, but many of the choices presented to players throughout the game are actually almost unimportant. They often only influence the dialogue that follows, but nothing more.

Choice house

It is not the time of Voldemort, who seriously affected the Slytherin house. In every house there are good and bad students. You can befriend several Slytherin students who are tolerant and kind, while one of the Hufflepuff students is obnoxious and racist.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy


Robbing anyone in the area after unlocking the door with Alohomora, even in their presence, is never actively considered by the game, much like in other old Zelda games, among others. So you can rob everything and then resell everything with impunity. There is an exception, during the potions quest for Potions Pippin. If you search the merchant’s belongings and take her recipe book, your character will automatically try to give it to Pippin, who will reprimand you for this theft. However, this will not affect your relationship with the two corresponding sellers.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Let’s mention in passing that we’re no better than poachers, as we “rescue” dozens of animals to strip their fur and other parts of their anatomy before breeding them on demand in the room. Finally, we resell the surplus in a pet shop against some galleons.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Quest Rewards

Hogwarts students and locals will regularly ask you for help, and oddly enough, they seem to take it for granted. When the quest is complete, you regularly have the choice between two to three answers:

  • The first, which is meant to be “good”, which simply closes the quest, with no additional rewards other than the smile of the quest giver, who is happy to have exploited you.
  • The second is to ask for a reward, or even a reward of a higher amount. The giver of the quest always accepts, but not necessarily in good faith, and some will be a little angry. This has the merit of yielding an additional 300 to 500 Galleons on average. It is objectively the most profitable choice.
  • Finally, some quests allow you to be really mean and keep the object you were asked for. It’s debatable if it’s Bavboules, but if it’s a pet, it’s actually quite vicious! In most cases, there is absolutely nothing to do with the preserved object, other than the pleasure of seeing the quest giver’s stunned face. It doesn’t even bring any extra reward, except in very rare cases.
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Let’s also mention the quest exclusive to Playstation consoles, with the ghost shop: take care of your kettle. It makes it possible to buy a slave and use it to keep his shop. It’s clearly not doomed in the game, as it’s the sad fate of the majority of house elves.

Unforgivable spells

Hogwarts Legacy’s approach to this is rather clumsy, as our student will kill hundreds of people in cold blood, never having any regrets, moments of hesitation, or remorse, so we’re playing a sociopath at the best of times. And the power of ancient magic is objectively worse than Avada Kedavra. Sebastien Pallow’s questline gives you the option to learn the 3 forbidden spells including Cruciatus and Impero and then use them as part of the current mission, or not. Even if you’re going to play a nice wizard, it’s best to learn them because they are very powerful and there are simply no negative consequences if you know them. Worse yet, they aren’t there when you use them in public. We used them in front of Professor Fig, and even in front of Officer Singer, who, as usual, did absolutely nothing.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

However, none of this prevents you from denouncing poor Sebastian Pallow at the end of his quest, having used forbidden spells and killed his uncle. In this case, he is (among other things) expelled from school and disappears from history. This changes the conclusion of the game and some of the later quests a bit. Suffice it to say it’s not very nice of you to throw it under the bus while also using forbidden spells, and by extension you’ve killed hundreds of people.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

End of game

To conclude, the biggest choice available to you comes at the very end of the story, just before the final boss. We’re not going to spoil all this for you here, but there’s a good ending and a bad ending. But it is not affected in any way by your past actions. It will just change a cutscene, so it’s best not to worry too much about it.

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