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RHONJ Star Says Daughter Thought Divorce Was Near

by Ana Lopez
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A “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star discussed the rumor that spread through the family and led one of the children to believe that their parents were about to divorce. The past few seasons of RHONJ have been packed with drama, but not all of the stories have a solid foundation in reality.

Reality TV star Jackie Goldschneider addressed the cheating rumors surrounding her husband, Evan Goldschneider, on the May 9, 2022 episode of the “Two T’s in a Pod” podcast.

In a 2021 episode, Teresa Giudice of the original Real Housewives of New Jersey began asking the other women at a birthday party Jackie was throwing for her husband if they had heard the rumor that Evan was making out with someone at his gym.

Jackie Goldschneider Divorce
Jackie Goldschneider Divorce

What you need to know is as follows:

Together, Jackie and her husband were able to overcome their difficulties. To say Jackie was upset when she found out one of her co-stars had been gossiping about Evan would be an understatement.

The irony is that Evan attends a small gym conveniently located near our house. There is literally nowhere else he could get away with his horrible habits. Jackie commented on the Reality Life podcast episode on February 24, 2021, “When I watched it back I was really disgusted.”

Jackie faced the fallout at home after denying the accusation so forcefully. Since it was my fault he was questioned, I felt terrible about myself. Much self-blame must be given up.

In January 2022, Jackie told Us Weekly that she and her husband had “just discovered how strong we are” and that “it would take a lot more”, even for the entire world, to break them up.

It wasn’t just a problem between Jackie and Evan, the problem extended beyond their relationship. The entire Goudschneider family was devastated by the allegations of infidelity. That Jackie’s daughter had assumed she and Evan were breaking up was revealed by Jackie.

Jackie and Evan’s four kids aren’t old enough to fully understand what’s going on in the world of reality television, but they’re not too small to pick up on certain things. And when that season of RHONJ aired, Jackie’s kids reacted like any other kids their age.

I’ve had a really hard year,” Jackie said on the “Two T’s in a podprogram. My whole family was completely surprised by that. My husband freaked out because they made a plot out of his name.

Jackie Goldschneider Divorce
Jackie Goldschneider Divorce

Off camera, he’s actually the coolest person you could hope to meet. Nice, dedicated material for coach of the year, right? And his name was dragged through the mud all season,” she added.

“I felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility for what had happened. My husband was often annoyed by it, and when my kids and I argued about it, they cried. The situation was terrible. My little girl was afraid we would break up. Accordingly,’ she continued, ‘it was terrible.

Jackie said her family “came to a resolution” before the season premiere, but “all hell broke loose again” after the episode aired. Jackie claimed the rumors had a profound effect on her and she was too disturbed to eat.

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