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Rezonate raises $8.7M and launches its cloud identity protection platform from stealth businessroundups.org

by Ana Lopez
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Rezonea Boston and Tel Aviv-based startup that provides an agentless cloud identity protection platform that helps DevOps teams minimize attackers’ chances of breaching cloud identity and access, comes out of stealth today and announces $8.7 seed funding million in round, led by State of Mind Ventures and Flybridge, with participation from toDay Ventures, Merlin Ventures and a number of angel investors.

Founded in January 2022, Rezonate is part of a group of modern identity and access management (IAM) startups that aim to modernize the current state of play in this space that struggles to meet the demands of modern cloud infrastructure systems . This shift creates new attack surfaces, especially as enterprises move faster to the cloud and to more dynamic infrastructure systems. Security breaches due to identity and access management issues are already on the rise. Indeed Gartner expected that by 2023, “75% of security failures will result from inadequate management of identities, access, and privileges.”

Image Credits: Rezone

Co-founder and CEO Roy Akerman was previously the head of Israel’s Cyberdefense Operations, while Rezonate was a co-founder and CTO Ori Amiga previously led R&D for this unit. Both received the Medal of Honor for their contributions to Israel’s national security.

“The rapidly changing cloud landscape along with the proliferation of human and machine identities requires a different approach,” says Akerman. “Modern infrastructures require an accurate and agile way to outsmart attackers. One that prioritizes cloud identities and access at its core and continually adapts to current dynamics rather than yesterday’s snapshots, giving defenders and builders the tools to act confidently for the first time.”

Image Credits: Rezone

Rezonate promises to discover all of a company’s cloud and identity providers and their employees’ associated access rights. The platform automatically detects security gaps and abnormal access attempts in real time. Rezonate promises that within minutes of deploying its solution, the platform can identify cloud identity and access risks and provide guidance to remediate them, or even automatically remove access and terminate sessions.

At the heart of it all is what Rezonate calls its “Identity Storyline,” which aims to provide DevOps and security teams with a context-rich dashboard that helps them understand the security risk in a company’s cloud domain. This gives users an easy-to-read dashboard that clearly shows what kind of access each user has – and where there are potential problems.

“The fact that in just ten months from our first line of code, we already have active customers resolving key gaps on a daily basis confirms the critical nature of the cloud identity and access problem. In a cloud world where everything is constantly changing, DevOps teams need a solution that is as dynamic and automated as the infrastructure they need to protect,” said Amiga.

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