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Rannrok Hogwarts Legacy Dragon: How to beat the last boss?

by Ana Lopez
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After defeating Victor Rookwood, only Hogwarts Legacy’s main opponent remains, the vengeful goblin named Rannrok. Just before the battle, he seizes a cache of ancient magic laden with negative emotions, which grants him immense powers. Because a Goblin is much too small to serve as a worthy final boss, it turns into a Dark Dragon. It’s a form of racism somewhere! All that remains is to prove to him that it’s not size that matters when casting spells.

Warning : Some bugs have been found in the battle and the final cutscene, as you can see in the video. We also once got stuck in the textures at the entrance to the area, forcing us to restart the game.


Before entering the final battle, it is better to prepare well, this boss is difficult.

  • We advise you to stock up on potions, take those of care, Eredus, Maxima or Concentration. To have 25 healing potions on hand will go a long way in dealing with this protracted fight.
  • Equip your best Legendary items and upgrade them to the max in the Room of Requirement. Adding damage bonuses related to ancient magic can be a good idea.
  • Unforgivable spells will make it much easier for you to reach Rannrok, but almost all of them are useless to the boss. Only Cruciatus has a vague interest.
  • This fight is just brutal, if you don’t have good reflexes you will really suffer. It is possible to lower the difficulty in the game settings. There are no difficulty related trophies in Hogwarts Legacy, if that is what makes you doubt. However, please note that the video of the fight was shot in hard mode.

First phase

The battle begins in a small arena, with the dragon in flight. It is completely immune to damage and control effects. He uses two types of attacks during this phase:

A breath sweeping the area horizontally or vertically turns out to be quite easy to dodge if you roll in the right direction. However, it hurts a lot, so always keep an eye on the dragon.

A swift ball of shadow, aimed directly at you. It can be dodged with good timing, but is more likely to be blocked by Protego. A counter-attack with Stupefix is ​​useless in this phase. The problem is that this ball is very fast, if you cast a spell there is little chance that you will have time to block it. If you’re playing aggressively, that’s probably the main source of damage in this fight.

At the same time, Rannrok summons colored orbs. The principle is very similar to magic shields, you have to use a shield of the same color to break them, to make it vulnerable. Oddly enough, in our case only certain spells worked, even with the same color:

  • Purple : Descend
  • YELLOW : Suspend momentum

We therefore recommend that you use these two spells as main shortcuts.

Destroy the colored orbs until Rannrok is vulnerable. You can then attack them. Keep in mind that he is still immune to control effects and unforgivable spells. It would have been too easy with Avada Kedavra. However, he is susceptible to ancient magic. We recommend that you prepare a diamond of skills, with all your offensive spells, such as Confringo, Differento, bombed, Expelliarmus.

Once enough damage is done, the dragon flees, beginning the second phase.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Second podium

The principle is the same as in the previous stage, but it gets more complicated, as two new colored orbs appear, which require more spells:

Red : Confringo

White : Ancient Magic – We preferred to ignore these orbs, as our magic bar was limited and their duration was quite short. With excellent timing and good positioning, you can destroy them with certain projectiles from the boss, but that’s far from easy.

Rannrok will also start using another spell, a kind of shadow meteor. You can dodge it, or send it back to the boss, or to one of the white orbs, with R1. But you have to be really quick to do it, which usually means waiting for an opportunity without attacking on your side.

Third stage

The fight now takes place in a large round room. The basics of the battle remain the same, but the boss gets a new attack, a huge burst of energy. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to avoid, just get away from it significantly. In the event of death on your part, the battle resumes immediately during this phase.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Final stage

Eventually the boss will land in the middle of the arena. He still uses the same attacks, but you have to destroy a lot more magical spheres before you make him vulnerable. Cooling down your spells can be a problem. Use a focus potion to greatly speed up the battle. An Erudus potion will also help you survive, especially if your healing potions are running low.

Circle around the boss as you attack so he wastes time spinning instead of attacking.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy


Killing the boss will earn you a special trophy, as well as a cutscene tied to the chosen ending, during your dialogue with Fig just before the battle. But the adventure is not over yet, you can replenish your collection and complete the quests to be ready for the year-end exams.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

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