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PS5 Pro release date: the summer debut of the next-gen console!

by Ana Lopez
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Sony has experience with mid-generation console upgrades; the PS4 Pro was released three years after the original PlayStation 4 first went on sale. Now there are rumors that the PS5 is planning something similar.

It’s widely speculated that a PlayStation 5 Pro is in development and could be released in 2023. So here are all the rumors and information about a PS5 Pro model that have surfaced so far.

Release date PS5 Pro
Release date PS5 Pro

PS5 Pro release date: experience the future of gaming

What price PlayStation assigns to a hypothetical PS5 Pro will be the main determinant for many customers. Although the current PS5 costs £450, $499 or €499, it’s still incredibly popular, which is why there are plenty of players willing to shell out top dollar for it.

This, along with the fact that the PS4 Pro consistently costs around £100, $100 or €100 more than the base PS4 over each of its various lifespans, suggests that you might be paying a similar sort of money.

It’s possible that, as with the PS4, Sony might launch the PS5 Pro at the same price as the PS5, while cutting the cost of the standard model. Sony is rumored to be releasing the PS5 model after a three-year hiatus, just like it did with the PS4 Pro model.

According to a January 2023 forecast, it could even happen as early as spring this year. However, we think it’s unlikely given the widespread use of the standard PS5 and the fact that stock has been scarce in recent years.

In fact, sources for the RedGamingTech YouTube channel verified that. While it could shift to early 2024, it indicated that a late 2023 release window could be possible.

We’ve also heard this suggestion before. At a press conference on upcoming TVs that TCL held in late May 2022, the company stated that it anticipates the debut of a PS5 Pro model in 2023 or 2024 (alongside Xbox Series X and S equivalents).

While it’s not a guarantee, as TCL is ultimately just speculating, this makes the possibility of a PS5 Pro seem more real than ever.

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The power of next-gen gaming: PS5 Pro specs

The PS5 is a powerful console, as evidenced by the exclusive games it has hosted so far, such as Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, Demon’s Souls, and others. When the PS4 Pro was first introduced, its 4K capabilities – a resolution the standard PS4 couldn’t handle – was a rather obvious selling point.

Even this early in the PS5 Pro’s cycle, you can see that exporting to 4K with graphical feats like ray tracing is a major strain on the PS5, as it is on the Xbox Series X. However, that kind of obvious USP isn’t as readily available for a PS5 Pro.

True 8K support for gaming may be on the horizon as 8K televisions start to become more common, but we doubt Sony would invest in the technology over the next two years as it’s still too expensive.

Instead, Sony could adopt a more incremental improvement strategy, such as upgrading the console’s CPU and slightly undersized storage (currently 825GB).

While it doesn’t give us any more concrete information on that front, a job posting posted by AMD in May 2022 stated that the company is working on a next-generation RDNA chipset for consoles.

This would confirm the concept that the chip at the core of the console will receive a significant upgrade. Sony may be able to get more ray-tracing performance out of its console by improving the effectiveness of how a graphics processor would approach ray-tracing, according to a new patent filed by Sony’s Mark Cerny.

Although it is a very technical file, it appears to be about hardware modifications in the PS5. Since it wouldn’t fit current models, it’s possible that it will be included in the PS5 Pro in the future.

We also don’t know if the PS5 Pro, like the regular PS5, would be available in two editions, one with and one without a disc drive. It is possible that, at the top end of the market, the disk drive is simply seen more often as an essential part of the overall package.

To reduce the heat produced by even more powerful processing, the PS5 Pro is also rumored to use liquid cooling.

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