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Primo-Kyogre Pokémon GO: The best counters to beat it in Raids

by Ana Lopez
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Very powerful Legendary Pokemon, Kyogre is one of the ancestral beings capable of extraordinary things, much like his eternal nemesis, Groudon. If Groudon can create continents, Kyogre can create oceans. Appeared in PokémonGO with the Primo-Resurgence we explain how to easily and quickly defeat Primo-Kyogre in Raid!

How to beat Primo-Kyogre

Primal Kyogre is a type of Pokémon Water. This means that it is very weak against type attacks. Plant And Electric.

  • Capture PC : between 2260 and 2351
  • Boosted Capture PC : between 2825 and 2939 (stimulated by rain)
  • Number of featured players : about ten players

Here are the best Pokemon you can use to beat it more easily:

Mega Jungko

With Seed Ball and Vege-Attack


With Fangs Lightning and Crazy Lightning

Mega Venusaurus

Featuring Vine Whip and Vege-Attack


With herb cutter and leaf knife


With Spark and Coup d’Jus


With Charged Beam and Cross Lightning

Primo-Kyogre: Is It Available in Glossy?

Primo-Kyogre is available in a chromatic version. Here’s what the two versions look like:

Primal Kyogre normal - Pokemon GO
Normal Primo-Kyogre

Primo Kyogre Shiny - Pokemon GO
Primo Kyogre glossy

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