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Polo G Net Worth 2023: Lifestyle, Relationship | How did he become so popular?

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Polo G Net Worth 2023

Polo G is a rapper, songwriter and producer from the United States. He is worth 7 million dollars. He gained more fame with his hits ‘Finer Things’ and ‘Pop Out’. His first album, “Die a Legend”, was released in 2019 and went straight to number 6 on the US Billboard 200.

The Recording Industry Association of America gave it a platinum rating (RIAA). ‘The Goat’, his second studio album, was released in 2020. It went to number two on the Billboard 200 chart and ten of his songs charted on the Billboard. Hot 100. In this article we will talk about Polo G’s bio, height, weight and power.

Polo G: quick information

Profession: Rapper
Age: 22 years old
Country: United States
Born: January 6, 1999
Salary: $2 million
Net value $7 million

What is Polo G’s Net Worth?

Polo G Net Worth 2023

Polo G is a Chicago, Illinois born American rapper, singer and songwriter. He is best known for collaborating with Bronx rapper Lil Tjay on the song ‘Pop Out’. The song has received over 100 million views on YouTube and reached No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. According to Celebrity NetWorthhe has a net worth of $7 million.

What was Polo G’s early life like?

Taurus Tremani Bartlett was born in Old Town, Chicago, Illinois on January 6, 1999. His parents raised him, his older and younger brothers, and his younger sister in the Old Town neighborhood of north Chicago.

Polo G has had to say goodbye to many of his relatives and friends. Growing up, he also dabbled in drugs, car theft and high speed chases, for which he was arrested more than five times.

How did he become so popular?

Polo G posted his first single ‘ODA’ on YouTube. Statistics show that he has more than 4.8 million subscribers. In 2018, he created a SoundCloud account and released the song ‘Gang with Me’ which was soon seen by hundreds of millions of people.

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Polo G currently has a net worth of $7 million. “Die a Legend,” his latest album from Columbia Records, was released in 2019. It featured songs like “Neva Cared,” “Welcome Back,” “Finer Things,” and “Bende with Me.”

Polo G Net Worth 2023

The album reached number 6 on the “Billboard” 200 charts, No. 2 on the “Popular R&B and Hip-Hop Albums” chart and No. 1 on the “Leading Rap Albums” chart. It also received a platinum certification for the singles “Pop Out” and “Finer Things”.

More than 275 million people watched the “Pop Out” music video on YouTube and the song reached number 11 on the “Billboard” charts. Polo G’s second album, “The goat,” was released in 2020 and went to number 2 on the Billboard 200, leading R&B and hip hop albums, highest rap albums and Canadian album charts.

Polo G’s album “Hall of Fame” was released in 2021. It charted at number one on the “Billboard” 200 charts, the Leading Rap Albums chart, the Top R&B Albums chart and the Hip-Hop Albums chart. It also made the top 10 in more than a dozen other countries.

What is Polo G’s personal life?

2019, Polo G and his girlfriend Crystal Blease gave birth to a son named Tremani. The rapper was taken to hospital after overdosing on drugs at a party that same year. Since his close call with death, Polo G has stopped taking Xanax and Ecstasy.

Polo G Net Worth 2023

In 2021, he was found guilty in Miami of beating a police officer who had stopped him in his car. He was charged with beating a police officer, making threats and doing other bad things. Polo G’s lawyer told TMZ that the two charges against him will be dropped if he goes through an anger management program.

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Polo G: Instagram profile

Today, at the time of writing, Polo G 10.6 million followers on his Instagram account. Check out his latest post below:


Taurus Tremani Bartlett, also known as Polo G, is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and record executive. He comes from a low-income family. His mother used to be a real estate manager and is now the manager of Polo G.

He had quickly risen to prominence. In the year 2017, he made his debut in the music industry as Polo G. He currently has four albums and numerous songs to his credit. He is a household name, with millions of followers on his social media accounts.

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