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On My Block Freeridge Ending Explained: The Shocking Truth About Javier!

by Ana Lopez
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Teen comedy-drama On My Block is developed by Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft for the American streaming service Netflix. On March 16, 2018, Netflix premiered the first season, which consists of ten episodes.

The show’s second season began on March 29, 2019, after being renewed on April 13, 2018. The show was renewed for a third season on April 29, 2019 and will return on March 11, 2020. The show’s final season began on April 4 October 2021, after being extended on January 29, 2021.

On My Block Freeridge Ending explained
On My Block, Freeridge Ending explained

Is Mariluna dead?

This seems to be the case. Up close, Joker and Sad Eyes killed her. They chased Mariluna because they mistook her for Marisol. Joker had previously heard Demi brag to Ines that Marisol had found Rollerworld’s missing money.

Although Joker and Sad Eyes were aware of Marisol’s passing, they initially suspected that her doppelgänger, Mariana, had staged her death. They then approached Mariluna while she was in her car and demanded the money from Rollerworld. They don’t trust Mariluna when she says they confused her with her twin sister Marisol.

Mariluna pulls out a shotgun and points it at them. Joker and Sad Eyes were so angry at this that they flashed their guns at Mariluna. The scene then shifts to Gloria and company in Mariluna’s office, discussing what to do in response to Mariluna’s offer.

As soon as they come to an agreement, a gun goes off. They run out the door and quickly cut to Mariluna’s lifeless body in the passenger seat of her car.

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Was the box cursed?

No! There was no curse on the box. Mariluna tells Gloria that she and Marisol loved pranks and games so much that they would tell others that items were cursed to make themselves laugh. Both twins shared a common understanding of the joke.

Demi and Ines discover that the box has not been sworn in any other way. They consult a medium to learn the answer. The psychic explains that the curse only had power because they believed in it. When people stopped thinking the box was cursed, the curse disappeared. It was essentially all in their brains.

The end of a love story: Demi and Cam’s breakup?

A rift between Demi and Cam occurs in the season finale. As they have both come to terms with their initial attraction to each other has faded, they have decided to remain friends. Demi considers Cam her soulmate. So there is a chance that they will reconcile in a future season.

Will Gloria and Rusty’s Romance Rekindle?

Yes. Rusty and Gloria end up together, but their relationship cannot continue. In the finale, Gloria and Rusty seem to be a happy couple until Rusty admits that Tonio has been paying him with Gloria so far. Even though Gloria and Rusty reconcile in the Season 1 finale, something between Ines and Rusty could lead to their relationship ending.

Can love bloom in Freeridge?

Season 1’s conclusion features a steamy kissing session between Ines and Rusty. Gloria learns from Rusty that he has been paid to date her, which is the start of the event. Ines goes outside with him while he takes a moment to gather his thoughts.

After a lengthy disagreement, Rusty advises that he and Ines kiss it. After Ines tells Rusty that she didn’t feel anything during their kiss, the two lean in for another kissing session. After Gloria leaves to get Rusty, they split up and go inside.

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