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Netflix crackdown, ChatGPT monetization, and bypass FB’s 2FA • businessroundups.org

by Ana Lopez
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Have a great weekend, folks, and welcome back to businessroundups.org Week in Review. Henry here, replaces a vacationing Kyle Wiggers, who replaces parentally departing Greg Kumparak. Listen, we’ve got a deep couch, and both guys will be back soon. Until then, check out just some of the top stories of the week.

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Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing: The streaming giant is tired of its customers sharing passwords with friends and loved ones around the world. So this week it announced guidelines designed to keep the passwords close to home. Literally within the walls of the account holder’s residence.

Revenue-generated ChatGPT: OpenAI launched a trial subscription for its text-generating AI this week. For $20 per month, subscribers can access more than what the basic tier gets: access to ChatGPT during peak hours, faster response times, and priority access to new features and improvements.

Human or AI?: That’s the question, and apparently OpenAI wants to help. The company launched a tool designed to differentiate between human-written and AI-generated text, but the success rate is only about 26%. However, OpenAI said that when used in conjunction with other methods, it could help prevent AI text generators from being abused.

Bypassing FB 2FA: Meta created a new centralized system for users to manage their Facebook and Instagram logins, but a bug had allowed malicious hackers to disable 2FA by knowing a user’s phone number. Yuck. A security researcher from Nepal discovered the bug and reported it to Meta Accounts Center last September. And he got paid.

Salesforce fired hit: In January, the company announced its impending 10% headcount reduction. However, not everyone was informed at the time. This week hundreds of other employees of the company discovered the fate of their jobs.

“Spill the Tea”: Alphonzo “Phonz” Terrell lost his job at Twitter three months ago as global head of Social & Editorial and immediately went to work on a new app. The app, called Spill, has already drawn a seed round and handled 60,000 reservations. The app will launch in alpha in the first quarter of this year.

Google Fi breach: The company said its mobile network provider, Google Fi, has confirmed a data breach, which, based on the timing of the report, is likely related to the recent security incident at T-Mobile that allowed hackers to steal the information of millions of customers.

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This week from the businessroundups.org Podcast Network, Equity covered the usual corporate and startup funding news, and Mary Ann talked to Hans Tunginvestor and managing partner of GGVC, a venture capital firm with more than $9 billion in assets under management. On Found it, Darrell And Bekka spoke with Rosie Nguyen, a co-founder and the CMO of Fanhouse, about her journey from content creator to founder and how her experience as a creator informs every product decision at Fanhouse.


TC+ subscribers get access to in-depth commentary, analysis and surveys – which you’ll know if you’re already a subscriber. If you’re not, consider signing up. I doubt you’ll regret it. Take a look at this week’s highlights:

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