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Naked truth of Russian Instagram star – Ekaterina Zueva

by Ana Lopez
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Who is Ekaterina Zueva?

Ekaterina Zueva was born on December 29, 1991 in Siberia, Russia. She is a model, social media personality and blogger, best known for rising to fame through her account on Instagram on which she shows off her attractive features while doing yoga. Since then she has appeared in numerous magazines, travels the world and blogs about her adventures.

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Ekaterina Zueva’s net worth

As of early 2020, Ekaterina Zueva has a net worth estimated to be over $1 million, largely earned through a successful online career. She has also earned a considerable amount of money as a model, with regular sponsorships and modeling work.


Her wealth has helped her live a luxurious lifestyle, as she travels to various expensive destinations around the world.

Early life and career beginnings

Growing up in Siberia, Ekaterina showed a strong passion for travel at a young age. She wanted to see the world, but at the same time, many people complimented her on her beauty, so she aspired to become a model as well and started looking for opportunities to enter that career.

One of the first avenues she tried was Instagramone of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

It is a photo and video sharing site, responsible for the rise of many online personalities, especially Instagram models who built a career as companies flocked to their high follower count. One of the things that made her stand out in the beginning was her love of yoga. Yoga is a lifestyle, although in recent years it has become better known for stretches that help with posture and flexibility. She began posting photos of her hanging out at beaches and other waterfront destinations, often posing in a bikini and doing yoga poses that showcased both her poise and flexibility.

Ekaterina Zueva

Breakthrough in modeling

Zueva’s followers steadily increased and people started calling her the Instagram queen of yoga, due to her attractive looks and skill in the physical aspect of the profession. In 2015 she joined the Mrs Max competition, a competition of the international men’s magazine “Miss Maxim”, which is known to feature photos of actresses, models and singers. In the competition, aspiring models from around the world compete for a coveted column in the magazine. Winners are often chosen by viewers and contestants from all parts of the world can enter.

Rules differ for each iteration of the magazine, with some holding online contests while others hold beauty contests to determine their winners. In her case, she became a finalist in the contest, significantly increasing her fame, and soon other companies contacted her with modeling jobs. She gained strong appeal, especially for men’s magazines, as she displayed a natural talent in steamy or sexy photos, wearing bikinis, lingerie and in some cases nothing at all.

Continued modeling work

It wasn’t long before magazines came after her and she started posing for publications like “Treats Magazine” and “FHM”. She also worked for ‘Playboy’ magazine, one of the most popular brands in the world.

Founded by the late Hugh Hefner, “Playboy” is known for popularizing nude and semi-nude models called Playmates. Many consider a role in “Playboy” to be the pinnacle of being identified as a man’s desire. Her work took her to different parts of the world, so she finally fulfilled her dream to travel as well.

She also landed a supporting role in the movie “The Man from UNCLE”, the spy movie starring Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer and Alicia Vikander, and an adaptation based on the British series of the same name. It is directed by Guy Ritchie and received good reviews while grossing $25 million at the box office. She was approached by the director for the film after being discovered on her Instagram account.

Subsequently, she started taking offers from various companies to post sponsored posts, which led her to visit various luxury beaches and resorts around the world, get free air travel, a place to stay and promote these places by posting sensual photos while she was just hanging out.

Blogging and working online

Like the career of many models, their popularity often fluctuates. Wanting to capitalize on her momentum, Ekaterina teamed up with the Bang Energy beverage company, known for selling various energy drinks under the Bang and Redline Energy Drink brand. It is known as a brand they are often partners with Instagram models, setting up contracts to make videos featuring the energy drink. In her ads, she is often seen hanging out or spending time in luxurious places, with an energy drink in hand.

Wherever you go, whatever the weather, always bring your own sunshine. 🍊☀️ @prettylittlething

Posted by Ekaterina Zueva On Sunday September 1, 2019

She also used her growing connections to get a blogging, posting about her adventures. She traveled to China, Indonesia and Greece, visited luxury places in Beijing, Bali and Mykonos, and much more. In addition to her travel posts, she also posts about beauty, including the products she uses, and her routines. She calls modeling a hobby, and although she spends a lot of time in the gym, she does her best to practice yoga regularly. She’s not afraid to wear more revealing clothes and even take nude photos. Most of her photos respect Instagram’s policies, although some follow that line very closely.

Private life

Ekaterina is single and she doesn’t talk much about her romantic life. She has a child and admits to becoming a mother sometime in 2018, but makes no mention of the child’s father, indicating that the man may no longer be present in her life. In her free time, she also enjoys stretching and playing tennis. She has traveled to over 30 countries and plans to visit more over time.

She also has a degree in international journalism and is pursuing a degree MGIMO University. She speaks Russian and English and most of her online posts focus on both languages. She also designs clothes and owns a fashion brand called ZUZU.

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