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Naked Truth Of Allie Bertram – Age, Daughter, Husband, Wiki

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Who is Allie Bertram?

Born on June 23, 1989 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Allie Bertram is a dancer as well as an actress, known for appearing in numerous television series throughout her career. She played the role of Mimmi in the Australian show “Mako: Island of Secrets”, joined the cast during the second season and remained a main protagonist until the final season.

Allie Bertram’s net worth

As of the beginning of 2020, Allie Bertram’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million earned through a successful acting career. Apart from working in television, she also appeared in several films, mostly in minor roles.

She has been active in the entertainment industry since 2008, including independent film projects.

Early life and career beginnings

Allie grew up in Calgary and at a young age she aspired to a career in the performing arts. She loved to dance and trained most of her childhood which led her to appear in the TV dance competition show called “So You Think You Can Dance Canada”. The reality show puts different dance talents against each other, after holding auditions in the major cities of the country.

After each round of competition, dancers compete for the public’s votes, with the couples receiving the fewest votes competing once more to remain in the competition. The show has featured numerous high-profile choreographers such as Sean Cheesman, Luther Brown, and Paul Becker. It was also praised for incorporating international dance styles, such as dancehall and African jazz. Allie made an appearance during the show’s first season, but didn’t get very far in the competition.

Transition to acting

A year later, Bertram started landing a few acting projects, the first of which was a small guest star on the show “Being Erica” ​​during its second season.

Allie Bertram

The CBC show follows the story of the titular character who goes back in time to try to resolve some of her biggest regrets. The following year, she landed a guest role on the show “Supernatural”, appearing in an episode during the fifth season. The show follows the story of the Winchester brothers, played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, who hunt supernatural threats such as monsters, ghosts, demons and others. The show has been very successful and will run in 2020 at its 15th and last season.

After “Supernatural”, Allie played the character of Zoe in an episode of “Smallville” during the 10th season.

Named after the hometown where DC character Superman grew up, the show follows young Clark Kent as he learns to manage life with his powers, leading to his eventual life as a superhero. In 2011, she made her film debut in “Sucker Punch” as a dancer – the Zack Snyder-directed film tells the story of a woman living in a mental institution, but received negative reviews and failed At the register.

Continue acting

In 2012, Bertram won a series of projects that helped build her portfolio. She appeared in the independent film ‘In Their Skin’ while she had guest roles in ‘Hour of Fear’ and ‘DJ Rebel’.

One of her biggest projects at the time was a guest starring role on the JJ Abrams television series “Fringe”, starring Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson, and follows a fictional team within the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who use unusual techniques to attempt to investigate unusual events related to a parallel universe; the show was praised for doing so, and its depiction of alternate timelines gained a cult following. It has been compared to programs like ‘Lost’, ‘The Twilight Zone’ and ‘The X-Files’.

Other projects she has had are ‘Holiday Spin’ and ‘The Pregnancy Project’. In 2013, she had significantly reduced work and appeared as the character Crystal on the first episode of the show “Motive”, a police procedural series.

She then appeared in two episodes of the comedy show “Psych”.

Mako and recent projects

In 2015, Allie won her biggest role in the TV show “Mako: Island of Secrets”. Also known internationally as “Mako Mermaids”, the Australian series was created with a younger audience in mind. It is a spin-off of the show “H2O: Just Add Water”, another popular show that featured teenage girls who are also mermaids with power over water. In the spin-off, the main character is a boy named Zac who falls into a pool of water on the island of Mako, which turns out to be magical.

He turns into a Merman as a result and then goes on an adventure with other merpeople.

Allie appeared alongside Amy Ruffle, Chai Romruen, Gemma Forsyth, Linda Ngo and Alex Cubis, and the show received significant international attention due to being picked up by the web television service Netflix. The show officially ended with three seasons, although Netflix lists it as four since the second season was divided into two parts. Producers have expressed a desire to make a movie to end the whole show, but it didn’t work out. After her work with Mako, Bertram took on a few more acting projects, but apparently she hasn’t done anything new since 2018.

Private life

Allie married professional ice hockey player Andrew Cogliano in 2017. He is known for playing in the National Hockey League (NHL) for the Dallas Stars team, becoming the 20th player in league history to play 500 consecutive games and reach 800. consecutive games, which placed him fourth in the overall standings, were broken when he was suspended in 2018. The couple have a daughter together and they have a dog. One of the reasons Allie hasn’t taken on any new acting projects is because she’s focused on starting a family. Time will tell if she plans to make a comeback in the industry in the coming years.

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