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Naked truth from Aspen Rae

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Who is Aspen Rae?

Aspen Rae is an American fitness model and adult film actress best recognized by the world for her achievements as a participant of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB Pro). She has appeared in a number of magazines focused on fitness, including Muscle & Fitness and others. She can also be seen in several adult films which also adds to her popularity.

Aspen Rae Wiki- Age, Childhood, and Education

Aspen Rae was born on December 10, 1990 in San Jose, California, USA; she is of Scottish, Italian, and Native American descent.

She has not said much about her parents and siblings, and for now, information about this aspect of her life is unknown. After high school, Aspen enrolled at California State University, Monterey, where she earned a degree in psychology.

Career start

From an early age, Aspen has been interested in modeling and fashion, reading numerous fashion magazines which only brought her closer to the modeling world. Aspen was also interested in fitness and was very active during her high school years.

Once she graduated, she started going to the gym and running marathons, and began to focus more on the fitness world, and she was noticed by a growing number of professional fitness coaches. She began competing in an NPC Bikini contest for the first time, and then several more fitness model contests, including the 2015 NPC Sacramento Championships, 2016 NPC Muscle Evolution, and the 2017 NPC USA Championship, which she won among others.

This was beneficial for her and her career as she was scouted by modeling and fitness agents and received many offers to appear in popular magazines.

Aspen Rae

She was hesitant at first, but soon she said yes to the opportunities presented to her and became a professional fitness model. Since then, Aspen started her official Instagram pageand now has about 440,000 followers, and has also collaborated with a number of fashion magazines, brands and companies.

Rise to fame

Aspen was becoming more popular in the fitness world day by day, but her amazing body and overall looks got her offers to appear in adult films.

She debuted in 2012 and has since appeared in more than 20 adult films, which only helped her rise in popularity and further increase her wealth. Aspen has started her own website, PlayWithRae.Comon which she has a number of adult videos and pictures for those who have subscribed to her website, and she has also earned a considerable amount of money from this venture.

Aspen Rae Net Worth, Height, Weight, Body Measurements and Appearance

Aspen is a rising star in the fitness and modeling world and is also a budding name in the adult film industry.

Her success in these fields has only increased her wealth, and according to sources, Aspen’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million as of the beginning of 2020.

Aspen Rae is 1.6m tall, weighs about 52kg and her vital stats are 23-34-34; her bra size is 34C. She has brown hair and her eyes are light brown.

Aspen Rae Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend, Lesbian

Aspen has been very open about her career, but on the other hand has kept most of the information about her personal life under wraps.

Due to the nature of her adult film videos, in which she is shown enjoying the company of women, she has sparked rumors that she is a lesbian. However, so far she has only dated boys; one of her boyfriends was a guy she met at the gym in 2016, and the pair were together for about six months before breaking up. Her current relationship status is a mystery, but some sources have stated that she is in a relationship with a photographer she often collaborates with. However, she has not confirmed this rumor. She has no children.

Aspen Rae Nutrition, training

Aspen has been in bodybuilding waters for a while now and she follows strict nutrition and diet. She must weigh every gram of protein, fat, and carbohydrates while also adding supplements to her diet, including whey protein, fat burners, and others. Aspen is in the gym almost every day of the week, and her favorite exercises include pull-ups, lunges, and cable upright rows, among other workouts.

Aspen Rae News, Facts

Before pursuing a career in fitness and bodybuilding, Aspen also had an interest in becoming a dentist. She is an animal lover, especially dogs and cats, but she also loves horses and other animals. She often posts photos on Instagram of her animal friends.

She likes to spend her free time hiking through forests and national parks, rather than partying in the clubs. She has said that she has not had plastic surgery on her body and that she is completely natural.

She is a tattoo fan and has a few tattoos on her body, including a heart on the left side of her pelvic bone and flowers on her right abdomen.

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