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Murder Mystery 2 release date: get ready to solve the case!

by Ana Lopez
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TV fans will want to know when Murder Mystery 2 comes out since the first movie did so well in 2019. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston played a cop and a barber, respectively, in the original Murder Mystery. While on vacation, they wanted to mend their marriage, but were charged with murder. After four years, the two returned as professional detectives on a mission to solve a new mystery.

The release date for Murder Mystery 2 was announced not long after the fourth season of You, another popular Netflix show. Fans of Netflix dramas have also been wondering where Treason is being filmed and if Dead to Me has been canceled. So if you’re looking for your next humorous detective story, you’ll probably want to know when Murder Mystery 2 comes out…

Murder Mystery 2 release date

Murder Mystery 2 will be released on Netflix on March 31. More than 30 million Netflix subscribers saw the 2019 movie Murder Mystery in its first three days of availability, making it one of the service’s most popular originals ever.

Filming for the sequel began in 2022 and ended in April of that year, using locations such as Hawaii and Paris. Since then, Adam Sandler’s firm, Happy Madison Productionshas been in charge of production and January 30, 2023 has been set as the official release date.

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What is the plot of Murder Mystery 2?

Nick and Audrey Spitz return in Murder Mystery 2 as full-time detectives and owners of their company. But when their friend is kidnapped at his wedding, they find themselves in trouble again.

Netflix’s synopsis reads as follows: “Four years after solving their first murder mystery, Nick and Audrey Spitz (Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston) are now full-time detectives fighting to get their private investigator off the ground.

When the groom is kidnapped for ransom shortly after the start of the festivities, all the fashionable guests, the groom’s family and the bride become suspects.

The streaming site says, “Murder Mystery 2 sends Nick and Audrey Spitz on a high-stakes case that gives them everything they’ve ever wanted: a shot at success for their detective agency… and their long-awaited trip to Paris.”

Murder Mystery 2 Cast

  • Adam Sandler as Nick
  • Jennifer Aniston as Audrey
  • Adel Akhtar as the maharaja
  • John Kani as Colonel Ulenda
  • Mark Strong as Miller
  • Jodie Turner Smith as Countess Helene
  • Kuhoo Verma as Sarah

In addition, Inglourious Basterds star Melanie Laurent, Scandal star Tony Goldwyn, Money Heist’s Enrique Arce, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star Zurin Villanueva and Bad Moms star Annie Mumolo also joined the cast, though their roles have not yet been revealed.

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Murder mystery 2 trailer

On Monday, January 30, Netflix uploaded a Murder Mystery 2 trailer to Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. They composed a “Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler have returned! MURDER MYSTERY 2 will make its debut on March 31.”

There are scenes of Nick and Audrey attending their friend’s wedding and then scenes of Paris and Maharaja’s private island. The Spitzes travel to Paris to investigate the kidnapping of the Maharaja, during which time the guests become prime suspects.

Fans were on hand to convey their excitement about the upcoming film and flood the comments with praise. A devoted viewer exclaimed, “These are the best movies ever!” Wow, look at the sparks flying between them! “Can’t wait, I loved the first movie!” exclaimed another.

Last lines: They’ve got a new evil nest of suspects to sift through, and you can catch a glimpse of them in the new trailer for Murder Mystery 2, which you can watch below. On March 31, you can see the new Netflix comedy exclusively.

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