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Michigan Dad Shocked When 6-Year-Old Son Orders $1,000 Worth Of Grubhub Food!

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A Michigan father claims he was slapped with a $1,000 bill after his 6-year-old son ordered a veritable hodgepodge of food from multiple restaurants over the weekend, resulting in a series of unexpected deliveries and possibly starring in an ad campaign.

After letting his son, Mason, play a game on his phone before bed on Saturday night, Keith Stonehouse claimed that food was piling up quickly at their home outside of Detroit. Instead, he added, the boy had been using his father’s Grubhub account to place order after order at local eateries.

Kristin Stonehouse, the boy’s mother, told The Associated Press on Thursday that Grubhub gave the family a $1,000 gift card. She also revealed that the company could use the family in a digital advertising campaign. The AP’s request for a response from Grubhub was met with silence.

Michigan father shocked by orders from 6-year-old son
Michigan father shocked by orders from 6-year-old son

According to his father, Keith, Mason Stonehouse ordered several Grubhub dishes while his mother was at the movies. The stone houses town of Chesterfield house was visited by several Grubhub drivers who brought them prawns, salads, shawarma and chicken pita sandwiches, chili cheese fries and other items.

“I don’t think it’s humorous yet, but I can have a little laugh with people,” he continued. That’s a lot of money that seemingly fell from the sky. When Keith Stonehouse’s child placed an order at Happy’s Pizza for $439, the bank sent a fraud notice because his son had placed many orders at many restaurants.

However, Mason’s $183 order for jumbo shrimp from the same restaurant was fulfilled and delivered to his home. According to Stonehouse, it took him a few meal deliveries to figure out what was going on. At that moment he was powerless to stop the instructions.

Mason’s mom, Kristin Stonehouse, told the AP he’s been incredibly smart and has been reading independently since he was two and a half. Her assessment of him was that he has remarkable intelligence. They say, “He’s not your typical 6 year old.”

She said her husband ordered food from the Grubhub app on his phone just before she left for work and just left it open. She claimed that her child hid in the basement with the phone and ordered a meal for the family.

She and her husband reportedly spoke to Mason on Sunday morning and told him his actions amounted to robbery. Initial, “I don’t think he understood that concept‘ she added. To further emphasize the point, she and her husband stole $115 from Mason’s piggy bank, which they had told him would be used to supplement their bills after their recent vacation depleted them.

The youngster seems unfazed. Then he picked up a penny off the floor and said he had a clean slate, she remembered. Keith Stonehouse noted that his family kept most of the food in their refrigerators. He claimed that he also fed several of his neighbors.

He claims to have heard of similar incidents with other parents, but never to the extent he was confronted last weekend. He suggests hiding the app drawer so kids can’t accidentally open serious programs on their parents’ phones. He’s trying to change his password, he claimed.

I knew it was possible, but you never expected your baby to act like this. “He’s certainly smart enough; I just didn’t expect itKeith Stonehouse noted.

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