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Men’s glasses: how to choose the best glasses for you

by Ana Lopez
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Men's glasses: how to choose the best glasses for you

Are you finally getting rid of those glasses you’ve been wearing since the first lockdown was announced? Then this blog post has you covered.

From bold silhouettes to vintage classics, this year’s top eyewear trends give you plenty of fashionable choices. With frames for every aesthetic, there’s no better time to refresh your entire look.

The most stylish glasses you can wear for 2023

  1. Glasses that are always in style

Not a fan of staying up to date with the latest trends? Here are a few chic staples that will keep you looking good no matter the era:


This is an elegant and subtle print that will stand the test of time. It’s perfect for those looking for a classic frame with a touch of character. Choose subtle brown flecks for that understated look, or make a bold statement with a high-contrast print.


Clubmasters draw attention to your eyes, with a bold top frame and sleek metal design on the bottom. It comes in different variations to flatter every face shape.

We recommend opting for the classic round frame so you can balance out more eye-catching elements. You can also try the angular frame so that you can introduce unique lines to your face.

  1. Fashionable eyewear colors you’ll love

Do you like a customizable hue that goes with everything? Maybe you like a pop of color for your everyday looks. We’re sure you’ll find the ideal shade from this season’s great line-up of colourways.

Soft shades

Planning on exploring color in 2023, but don’t want something extremely flashy? A transparent frame in a paste shade is just enough.

Earth tones

Warm taupe, rich siennas and honey are the latest classics on the rise. You can make them the centerpiece of your outfit by trying them with light neutrals. Plus, you can maintain a vibrant style by wearing frames in an earthy, deep hue.

  1. Eyewear trends that will be a hit in 2023

In addition to giving you that 20/20 view, such frames also offer a wide range of style miles for years to come.

Hexagonal glasses

Did you know that geometric styles will only become more popular in the coming year, especially frames with a unique hexagonal shape? By combining these trends you kill two birds with one stone!

You can get a wire frame aviator in an eccentric hexagonal silhouette.


While they never go out of style, these glasses are predicted to be at the top of everyone’s wish list by 2023. A bold trapezoidal shape will give that edgy and futuristic look, while that classic D-frame, along with rounded corners, gently flatters and defines all face shapes.

  1. Out-of-the-box geometric glasses

Are you one of those men who don’t like conventional silhouettes? Perhaps this year’s off-the-wall geometric styles will brighten up your alley. A geometric frame of Oakley 2023 goggles will give you a distinct look that is sure to turn heads, from full angles to a mix of two shapes.

Such frames not only showcase your best features, but also emphasize your individual personality and style. A combination of sharp angles and soft curves gives a sartorial twist to your standard square and round frames. On the other hand, polygonal shapes will take your style game to a new level.

  1. Round glasses

Round or round eyeglasses have had a huge fan base since the dawn of time. In fact, they are the ideal option for men who just want an understated yet polished look.

The minimalist design of the glasses adds a touch of class to a basic t-shirt and jeans, but is also a great companion for black ties and corporate events.

Those modest frames often go best with heart and diamond shaped faces, not to mention the symmetrical features of an oval face.

  1. Wire frame aviators

Not sure if you like vintage-inspired or modern? Aviators in contemporary metals give you the best of both worlds!

Such lightweight glasses capture the quintessential 1970s look without being overtly retro and can be worn dressy or casual depending on where you’re going.

In addition, typical teardrop-shaped aviators will best suit angular faces. Meanwhile, a flat-topped rectangular style will give round face shapes some added definition.

  1. Sturdy black frames

There is no doubt that black frames will be sophisticated and timeless glasses. It’s no surprise that countless musicians and stars have turned to soft frames to enhance their looks.

The dark shade of the specs will draw attention to your features. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the ideal size and shape for your face. However, if you want to play it safe, you can’t go wrong with the classic rectangular shape with finely rounded edges. It’s a proven silhouette that looks good on everyone.

  1. Oversized seventies frames

Big, bold silhouettes reminiscent of the 1970s have made a big comeback, offering men of all ages a cool outlet to express their individuality. Aviator, round, square – you name it.

Those chunky frames come in a wide variety of colorways and silhouettes to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Such frames are also on the larger side. So it is recommended to go for a lightweight material for the most comfortable fit. That’s especially true if you plan on wearing the glasses all day.

  1. Clear frames

Ultimately, transparent frames are the most universally flattering and versatile accessory you can get in 2023. They’re a subtle way to add contemporary style to any outfit, and because they’re colorless, they look great with all skin tones.

The thicker frame is also suitable for even the highest prescriptions, so you don’t have to worry about the lenses peeking through the rim of the frame.

Remember that trends come and go. However, finding glasses that suit you is something extremely life-changing.

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