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Location where The Pale Blue Eye was filmed? West Point and every filming location!

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Where was the Pale Blue Eye filmed? Recently, a new murder mystery starring the great Christian Bale debuted on Netflix, bringing viewers a new batch of exciting movies. Viewers are naturally interested in learning more. Where was the Pale Blue Eye filmed?

The suspense novel that served as the basis for the thriller, written by Louis Bayard in 2003, has a similar story. Hired to investigate the gruesome murder of a military student, veteran investigator Augustus Landor (Christian Bale) enlists the help of another cadet named Edgar Allan Poe, who is modeled as the real author and poet, to uncover the truth. find.

Unexpected, the film had only a modest theatrical release in the US in December 2022 before its release on Netflix early this year.

Where was the Pale Blue Eye filmed?

The Pale Blue Eye began filming in Pennsylvania in November 2021. The film, set in the 1800s, needed an authentic historical atmosphere created by several places in Pennsylvania.

Have a look at the following:

Many sequences in the film were set against the ideal vintage backdrop of the Compass Inn in Westmoreland County. Part of the inn’s structure dates back to 1799, with a long and fascinating history. Now a museum, the Compass Inn gives visitors a glimpse into life in the early 1800s and is open for tours.

Where was the Pale Blue Eye filmed
Where was the Pale Blue Eye filmed

The campus of Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania appears in The Pale Blue Eye as a different Pennsylvania setting. The military academy the film focuses on is set against a beautiful backdrop provided by the college. According to the university newspaper, a casting call for extras to play cadets in the thriller reportedly attracted more than 100 students.

The Pale Blue Eye often mentions McConnells Mill State Park in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. The murder mystery film includes footage of Slippery Rock Creek, a breathtaking body of water and the old mill towering above it.

Writer-director Scott Cooper recently spoke about his love for Pittsburgh

For those who don’t know, this movie is Christian Bale and writer-director Scott Coopers third. Out of the Furnace, a crime drama set in Pennsylvania and filmed in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, was their first collaboration. Now that the pair have reunited (in Pittsburgh, no less), we have to think about what exactly makes the East Coast region so unique.

Fortunately, the director opened up in a Trib Live interview.

According to Scott, who spoke to the outlet via Zoom, “I had an excellent experience the first time shooting Out of the Furnace and made many wonderful friends, including your new (U.S.) Senator, John Fetterman.” “I love the people of Pittsburgh and the teams there are excellent. I love the people of Braddock. I feel a strong bond with that city.”

He continued, “And it seemed that Western Pennsylvania would be the best possible location to try and recreate the Hudson Valley in 1830. The Appalachians are the same. I was confident it would provide the scenery I wanted. I was confident that it would bring me the weather I wanted. So I was delighted to return.”

The Pale Blue Eye West Point Academy

This private liberal arts college was founded in 1852 and its iconic buildings once served as the central courtyards of the elite US Army high school. A county park about ten miles outside of downtown Pittsburgh, Hartwood Acres Stables was used to film some of the academy’s outdoor footage.

This well-known wedding venue was created in the late 1920s to recreate a Cotswold Village in the mid-south west of England. The vaulted Great Feast Hall in the Old Economy Village in Ambridge served as the location for the interior of Dr. John’s morgue during filming. Daniel Marquis.

Founded in 1824, the community served as a base for the Harmony Society, a 19th-century Christian community organization. There are seventeen restored buildings on the six acres of this National Historic Landmark property, along with a beautiful garden.

On the shores of Lake Arthur, between Lakeview Beach and Barber Point Beach, the hanging tree scene was filmed. In a brief overview, the present-day bridge over Route 422 can be seen in the distance. The Compass Inn Museum, a recreated late 18th century stagecoach station, is located in Benny’s Haven, the pub where Patsy (played by Charlotte Gainsbourg) works.

This building was built in Laughlintown, Westmoreland County, in 1799 and is currently maintained by the Ligonier Valley Historical Society. This image shows how CGI was used to change the exterior. The sequences in which Landor secretly meets Poe and the residence of Jean-Pepe, a professor who specializes in symbols and rituals, are shot in Penguin Court.

The 10 penguins that originally roamed this sprawling private estate near Laughlintown gave it its name. It also has more than 1000 hectares of forest, a greenhouse and an exceptional greenhouse. Neighboring McConnells Mill State Park in Lawrence County is home to the red-covered bridge seen in a fixed shot.

This flour mill, originally built in 1852, ran until 1928. Most likely, the interior was filmed in the studios. The imposing Allegheny Cemetery in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh served as the backdrop for the burial scene at the cemetery, according to Pittsburgh Magazine.

This is the sixth oldest rural cemetery in the country and was established in 1844. The exterior of Dr. Marquis is the Hartwood Acres Mansion, located in the beautiful park of the same name in Allegheny County.

Using CGI, the filmmakers used a wing of the stately building to make it slightly smaller. Built in 1929 in the style of the 16th century, this magnificent Tudor mansion houses a collection of authentic English and American antiques.

Pale Blue Eye trailer

You can see the Pale Blue Eye trailer below:

youtube video


In June 2021, it was announced that Harry Melling would play Edgar Allan Poe. Filming began on November 29, 2021 at the famed Compass Inn in Laughlintown, Pennsylvania. Filming at Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, took place in December… There will be no more recent updates after that.

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