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Learn to generate passive income for your business in this $30 bundle

by Ana Lopez
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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that only one in ten startups are successful. There is no specific reason why so many fail, which means that as a business owner you have to accomplish a varied set of tasks to ensure that your business is successful.

It can be a lot to take in, but the 2023 Build a Passive Income Online Business from Scratch Bundle just might help you do it. Normally this business management and growth bundle would cost $1,200 for lifetime access, but you can get it for $29.99.

Find out how to build a successful business online.

If your business is already established, you can skip the first course, Starting an Online Business: Getting Ideas, Building a Blog, Promoting and Launching, or you can study it to find out if there’s anything new that can help your business online can add. If you’ve traditionally focused on brick-and-mortar stores, this could be an opportunity to perfect your online business strategy.

Marketing is an essential part of getting an engaged, organic audience, but there are many steps before you send out your first email. Lauren Lbik is the instructor behind every course in this bundle. Her Masters in Business and experience growing email lists can make her instruction an asset if you want to learn how to build a list of engaged subscribers.

That also means you may want to develop new strategies for it content writing and web design. This bundle contains 25 content writing lectures to show you how to plan, organize and execute your articles and how to differentiate your content from your competitors. Check out the lecture on SEO tools to increase the reach of your article and get new traffic to your website. If you think your site needs work, learn how to create a WordPress website, arrange web hosting, and more.

Build your business online.

Entrepreneurs can learn how to grow an engaged following for their online business in this bundle.

For a limited time, get the 2023 Build a passive income online business from scratch bundle for $29.99 (reg. $1,200).

Prices subject to change.

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