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Korean Actor Na Chul Cause of Death: ‘Vincenzo’ Actor Dies at 36

by Ana Lopez
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South Korean actor Na Chul has passed away at the age of 36 report on Star News Koreapeople in the entertainment business confirmed that he had died.

The actor who played Vincenzo is said to have died due to “aggravated health problems”. He was taken to hospital after his health “suddenly deteriorated”. A definitive cause of death has not been determined at this time.

Na Chul made his stage debut in 2010 with the play Anne’s Diary. Since then, he has appeared in many K dramas and movies as a supporting actor.

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He played Na Deok-Jin in Korean mafia drama Vincenzo in 2021, and the year before, he played Gil-Soo in Weak Hero Class 1. In Little Women, he played the role of a lawyer for Kim Go’s character, eun’s Oh In-Ju .

Go-eun praised Chul by calling him “the best actor ever”. “The most amazing man, father, husband, son and friend,” she added.

His Little Women co-star Uhm Ji-won commented on her Instagram, “Actor Na Chul, thank you for showing us what good acting is. I wanted to see more of your work. REST IN PEACE.”

Na Chul also appeared in Once Upon a Small Town, A Superior Day, Happiness, Jirisan, DP, Touch Your Heart and Stranger 2. Concrete Utopia, which is due out later this year, has him in him too. Concrete Utopia is a movie about people who experienced an earthquake in the Imperial Palace Apartment in Seoul.

It was directed by Um Tae-hwa and stars Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-joon and Park Bo-young. His funeral is said to be on January 23.

Actor Vincenzo died of “aggravated health problems” after being hospitalized for a “sudden deterioration”. If you are one of Na Chul’s many devoted followers and are saddened by his passingshare your thoughts and feelings in the section below.

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