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Kevin McCarthy faces uphill battle to become new house speaker

by Ana Lopez
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Ahead of a congressional vote on Tuesday, Kevin McCarthy faces opposition in his bid to become the new Speaker of the House of Representatives. What was considered an easy path to success has become more painful due to infighting within the Republican party.

McCarthy, a 57-year-old congressman from California, is the top Republican in the House and is widely regarded as the most likely successor to Nancy Pelosithe Democratic Speaker of the House who steps down after her party lost the majority in last year’s midterm elections.

As of Monday night, it was still uncertain whether McCarthy had the support of enough Republicans in his party to win the Speaker vote on Tuesday. If Ryan loses, the vote for Speaker could cause chaos in the House, delay legislation and expose new cracks in a Republican party still trying to determine its future after a lackluster run in November’s midterm elections.

Kevin McCarthy faces uphill battle to become new Speaker of the House
Kevin McCarthy faces uphill battle to become new Speaker of the House

Although the Republican Party narrowly won enough seats in the House of Representatives to regain power, the “red wave” promised by McCarthy did not materialize. In the upper house of Congress, the Senate, the Democrats gained ground after winning a seat in Pennsylvania.

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The election of a new Speaker of the House is the first occasion for a new Congress, and all 435 members of the House of Representatives participate. To be elected Speaker of the House, a candidate must receive the support of a majority of the House members present (218 votes).

However, McCarthy has had a hard time winning over members of the Republican caucus in recent months, particularly ultraconservatives and politicians who staunchly support the former president. Donald Trump.

Over the years, McCarthy’s relationship with Trump has shifted from open demonstrations of allegiance to open hostility. Trump has referred to the legislature as “my Kevin” on different occasions. After the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, McCarthy is reported to have stated: ‘I’ve had it with this man’ but just weeks later, the two posed together for smiling selfies at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate

McCarthy has spent the past few weeks trying to improve his status within the party by negotiating agreements that meet the demands of various dissenters. He released his plan to review the House trial over the weekend. However, nine Republican members wrote an open letter late Sunday night complaining that the reforms fell short of their expectations.

They want further compromises to make it easier to force a vote of no confidence against a future Speaker. Republican Congressman Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, who also signed the letter, stated on Twitter: “Nothing changes if nothing changes, and that has to start at the top.” It’s time to adapt, or get out of the way.

McCarthy’s supporters were confident Monday that they could win over enough lawmakers to approve their agenda. The congressman left the Capitol on a Monday afternoon without answering questions from reporters, but he did say: “I hope we will have a nice day tomorrow.”

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If McCarthy doesn’t get the most votes on Tuesday’s first ballot, the House will hold consecutive polls, which hasn’t happened in more than a century. Many on Capitol Hill are preparing for the process that will take several days until McCarthy gains enough support to become majority leader or decides to step down.

Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana), McCarthy’s deputy and a potential successor if it fails, has so far supported his boss’s effort.

Last lines

In the days leading up to Tuesday’s vote, Kevin McCarthy faced resistance in his bid to become the new Speaker of the House of Representatives. The internal struggles of the Republican party have made what was once a smooth path to victory much more difficult to achieve.

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