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Kaleidoscope Pink explained – what the true ending is like and who lives and dies

by Ana Lopez
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Netflix’s experimental caper series, set in eight episodes that can be watched in any order as long as White is the last, is mostly successful because of the story’s colorful characters and mysterious nature. The penultimate episode, Pink, explains much of the character’s fate chronologically before we even get to see what happened the night of the robbery. The lingering questions raised in Pink are mostly answered in context at the end of Kaleidoscope White. Here’s everything you need to know about Pink and how it acts as Kaleidoscope’s finale.

It’s been six months since the vault robbery and no one seems to be doing so well. FBI Agent Nazan is still obsessed with solving the crimes and capturing all the players. Roger, aka Graham, is in prison for grand larceny, identity theft and murder. Bob has a gnarled tracheotomy scar that we later learn he inflicted on himself after Judy strangled him the night of the vault robbery. He is the same brute he was before and visits Roger/Graham in prison to ask him for help in locating Judy and Leo. Bob asks for 50,000 in exchange for helping him get his life and money back. Graham tells him that’s not possible, but will give him 20K if he kills Leo. Revenge and obsession are common threads throughout Kaleidoscope. Here’s where everyone is and what eventually happens to them.


No longer able to speak freely, Bob is forced to use an app to speak for him, but that doesn’t let that stop him in his quest to find and kill Stan and get Judy back. With Roger/Graham’s promised bankroll, he collects two henchmen and starts hunting everyone. Bob listens to self-help broadcasts and writes letters to Judy declaring his love and desire to change; however, he is unable to change, and he jumps on cocaine, making his way to information from anyone who could point him in the direction of Stan, Judy, Ava, and Leo.

First, Bob kills Zanetti, Ava’s gate, and gets Leo and Ava’s address. He then breaks into the house and ties up Ava and her grandmother, but not before she hacks him with an axe. After Leo arrives, Bob has him call Stan from the coded contacts in Ava’s black book. Bob then drives off to meet Judy and Stan at Folley Beach, while his accomplice stays with Leo, Granny, and Ava.

Bob finds the FBI on the beach instead of Judy and Stan, busy eating tacos. He dies in a shootout with Nazan and the others. Finally, after all the close calls, Bob’s fate is sealed. He doesn’t bother anyone anymore. In his car is Leo’s bag of money and Ava’s guns.

Judy and Stan

Judy and Stan are still together and struggling. However, they are having a hard time. Without the promised millions of dollars, their relationship is strained and they don’t have the finances they need to get out of the country. So they go back to doing what they do best and working small jobs like the wine trick. Stan is cautious and backs out of the wine deal fearing it will put them in danger. Judy likes to take risks and his cautious nature frustrates her, especially when they need money so badly.

Stan’s belief in Leo is a big problem for Judy. He still thinks Leo will do them good, but Judy believes Leo betrayed them. We learn in Kaleidoscope White that Hannah and her sister took most of the bonds to protect Leo. She laundered most of the money for the Triplets, and they reported the rest to the insurance company. Working with the Triplets, she protected Leo and his group and earned money to buy a house on the beach for her and her child. However, Stan knows nothing about this, but decides to believe that Leo wouldn’t leave them hanging to dry on purpose. When he tries to pawn a bracelet that Bob stole during the diamond heist and gave to Judy, he inadvertently puts everyone in danger. His exposure to the pawn shop tipped off the FBI and Bob.

Judy, who distrusts everyone because she isn’t trustworthy herself, is haunted by RJ’s death. We see Judy for the last time, who has figured out that Bob wasn’t dead after all and is standing on the beach next to Bob’s car with the bag of money and guns. She has left Bob and Stan several times because she only cares for herself. We never find out if Judy leaves Stan, but the final moments make me think Judy takes the money and runs off. There’s one last moment at the end of Kaleidoscope where a man follows Leo, and I’m convinced that’s Stan. Judy and Stan are both still alive at the end.


Ava facilitated their escape. She and Leo went on the run with her grandmother with the limited money they had after the robbery. Ava has stayed with Leo to help him with his Parkinson’s, and she has always encouraged him to reach out to Hannah and Leo. These two clearly love each other and she’s trying to give him something to look forward to by dreaming of new antics in the Midwest. She knows this isn’t going to happen in his condition, but hope is a powerful weapon against depression. Through Stan’s call to Leo, she learns that they have been compromised and must flee immediately. But before they get all their stuff together, Bob arrives.

When Leo uses her coded book to call Agent Nazan, who he pretends to be Stan, they are left with Bob’s accomplice. The three nearly escape but are caught and she dies when the dude shoots her. Leo holds her dead body after killing Bob’s accomplice with a knife.

Kaleidoscope. (L to R) Giancarlo Esposito as Leo Pap, Paz Vega as Ava Mercer in Kaleidoscope episode “Pink”. kr. Clifton Prescod/Netflix © 2022

Leo at the end of Kaleidoscope

Leo’s Parkinson’s has progressed to the point where he has difficulty walking. He is still with Ava, who helps him with his therapy and medication. He is devastated by what happened the night of the robbery and has refused to contact Hannah, who has written numerous letters over the past six months. When Bob forces him to choose between Ava and Stan and Judy, we think he’s betraying Stan, but he really calls Agent Nazan to meet Bob at Folley Beach. Ava has listed Nazan as Porky in her book, which Leo says is because Stan was a butcher.

When Ava dies, he calls Hannah and sees his granddaughter for the first time. He seems hopeful that they can meet in person one day. He admits that he made many mistakes and apologizes for it. Probably to spare her feelings, he doesn’t tell her that Ava is dead. He also pays a visit to Roger/Graham, who asks him if it was all worth it. It looks like these two have finally come to terms. Roger does not report Leo and Leo walks away.

We see Leo walking in the park for the last time, followed by a man in a kaleidoscope t-shirt with a baseball cap. Kaleidoscope Pink fades to black when a shot is heard. The assumption is that the man in the cap shot Leo and he is now dead. While we don’t see much of the man, he resembles Stan, and with the many instances of betrayal and revenge, we can assume that Stan is finally snapping. All signs point to Stan being dead.


Hannah is alive and kicking with her newborn baby in a beautiful beachfront home. She has brought Ava’s dogs and seems to live a very private but comfortable lifestyle. Sadly, we never find out who her baby’s father is, nor do we find out in Pink how she got her money. However, we learn in White that she made money laundering the bonds from the Triplet she took to rescue Leo. Presumably she lives with her sister from the proceeds of her service to the Triplets. She named her baby after her mother, Lilly and Roger says he would never hurt Hannah so she seems to have gotten away with everything.

Officer Nazan

She is clean, but still obsessed with Leo’s crew. Even though she caught Leo and Roger, she knows she’s missing a lot of pieces. Nazan is ordered to stop the investigation, but she tells her partner that she will continue to go after the triplets. Soon after, a man approaches her on the street and asks her for help. He shakes her hand and she promptly collapses in the street. She is dead and her partner is packing her things. Her boss says she was preoccupied with the job, suggesting she may have died with drugs in her system. The triplets probably hired someone to inject her with something that causes an overdose. Since she was a recovering addict, everyone would assume she brought it on herself. It seems that Hannah was right when she was terrified of the Triplets and what they are capable of.

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