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Jimin Solo Album Release Date: A highly anticipated torrent for BTS fans

by Ana Lopez
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Jimin is the next BTS member in line to release a solo album, and while news of his new project was painfully delayed for fans at first, it’s since gone on to torrent.

Now more than ever, ARMY wants to know what plans BTS’ lead singer and co-principal dancer has in store.

Until February 2023, Jimin has kept many of his solo intentions a secret, other than announcing several times to fans that he is “working” on it and making releases. ‘Vibe’, a collaboration with Big Bang’s Taeyang.

Jimin solo album release date
Jimin solo album release date

In a January 2022 interview with W Korea, Jimin discussed what it was like to record an album on his own for the first time. He said, “So many things have changed.”

“It takes longer to get results because I have to think a lot more when I work alone. When I work with the members, we discuss a wide variety of topics and make sure they are resolved quickly. It is problematic in my opinion to do it for the first time. Can it be released in this form since this is my first time working on such an album? I often have those kinds of thoughts, which prompt me to revise and rework my work.”

While Jimin’s solo album, which fans have long referred to as “PJM1” or “Park Jimin 1,” has very few official details yet, in a recent VLIVE he at least gave an estimate of when it would be released.

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Jimin is reportedly planning some exciting performances, and fans even think they’ve deduced what the album’s title might be, according to several Korean media outlets.

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