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Jim Hutton’s cause of death has now been revealed: how did he die?

by Ana Lopez
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A well-known New York actor from movies and television, Jim Hutton. In the 1960s, he was a rising Hollywood star who gained immense popularity among young audiences and was considered the replacement for Jimmy Stewart. Two days after turning 45, on June 2, 1979, Jim Hutton died at Los Angeles New Hospital. Hutton had only been diagnosed with liver cancer two months before his death.

He died before witnessing Timothy Hutton, his son, win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor the following year for his performance in the film Ordinary People. In his acceptance speech, Timothy thanked Jim and credited him.

Did Jim Hutton die of AIDS?

It was discovered that Jim’s death was caused by deadly lung cancerr, contrary to popular belief that he may have died of an AIDS-related illness. In 2010, he died three days before turning 61.

What year did Freddie and Jim meet?

Between 1984 and 1985, the romance between Jim and Freddie began. Jim didn’t know who Freddie was when they first got close. When Freddie and Queen performed at Live Aid in 1985, they already knew each other.

Jim Hutton's cause of death
Jim Hutton’s cause of death

Jim was living in Sutton and working as a hairdresser at the Savoy Hotel in London when the two first met. When Jim first met Mercury, he would have been 34 or 35 years old. Hutton was two years and three months younger than Freddie.

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Jim Hutton’s Childhood and Early Years

Jim Hutton was born in Binghamton, New York, on May 31, 1934. His legal name at birth was Dana James Hutton. He loved athletics and playing games with his buddies when he was little.

He enlisted in the US Army when he was a young fellow. Germany was his destination. Hutton continued to pursue his interest in acting while in Germany. He was in Germany when the live theater was performed. A director of an American film watched one of his performances. Douglas Sirk, who directed this film, recognized the talent and enthusiasm in Hutton’s performance. He hired Hutton to work in Hollywood.

Hutton’s Early Career in Hollywood

Jim Hutton’s height was one of the biggest obstacles he faced in Hollywood. He was tall for Hollywood at about six feet tall. Nevertheless, despite this small disadvantage, he managed to get roles.

Hutton’s first significant film appearance in Hollywood came on The Twilight Zone. In a 1959 episode, he shared the screen with Rod Taylor, another budding performer.

After that episode, Hutton’s next big break came in a student film. Where the Boys Are, a 1960 student movie, was released. It helped Hutton become loved by the young adult and teen audience. He performed in the movie alongside Paula Prentiss.

Following the success of Where the Boys Are, Paula Prentiss and Jim Hutton began working on several films. This was due in part to the two getting on well and in part to Prentiss’ exceptionally towering stature as an actor. She was about five feet tall. So she was a good fit for Jim Hutton’s height.

He co-starred in The Honeymoon Machine with Prentiss after 1960. The Broadway play The Golden Fleecing served as the inspiration for the film. The story of the film revolves around three men who use a United States Navy computer to play roulette to win. Hutton played Jason Eldridge in the movie.

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Continued success

Hutton next appeared in Bachelor in Paradise after The Honeymoon. He co-starred in this film with Lana Turner and Bob Hope. The romantic comedy received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song. In addition, Bob Hope received a Golden Globe nomination for best actor.

Hutton had an appearance in The Horizontal Lieutenant in 1962. When he starred in Walk, Don’t Run in 1966, it became one of his biggest successes. The More the Merrier, a 1943 film, has been remade in this. Carey Grant performed in the film as his last performance in a major motion picture.

Hutton made a cameo appearance in The Green Berets, a 1968 John Wayne movie. Hutton played the role of “The Scrounger” in this movie. Hutton next appeared in Hellfighters, another John Wayne movie. Greg Parker was the character he played.

Hutton turned almost entirely to television during the 1970s. He appeared in made-for-television movies and as Ellery Queen, the show’s protagonist, on television.

Like his son, Timothy, Hutton had two daughters from two short marriages. Follow us on Leedaily.com for more details.

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