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Jill Biden kisses Kamala Harris’s husband: the SOTU moment that got the internet buzzing

by Ana Lopez
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There are some questions on the internet about Jill Biden’s decision to kiss Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband on the lips during the State of the Union address. Biden is seen approaching Harris’s husband, Douglas Emhoff, in a viral video of her arrival at the event, and the two then have a passionate kiss on the lips.

The brief kiss between the American first lady and the second gentleman was captured on camera during a live broadcast on various stations. The topic is currently being debated on social media as consumers ask, “Is this normal?”

The video was widely discussed on Twitter and TikTok. On that latter platform, others had already made a meme out of it and added the Marvin Gaye song “Let’s Get It On” before the kiss.

Sharing the video on Twitter, reporter Cabot Phillips wrote, “Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff greet each other with… a kiss on the lips? Is this normal?”

The video has been viewed over 470,000 times as a result of the comment section of his post, where it was widely believed to be “not normal” and jokes were added by other commenters.

“Doug is her workman,” wrote Ryan Doge, while author and radio host Ken Coleman simply said, “I have questions.”

“I think Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff forgot where they were for a second,” Twitter user wrote @ScottEnlow.

COVID-19 criteria, which previously required keeping a safe distance and wearing a mask, were relaxed as a result of the incident, as highlighted in several comments.

“I think since covid guidelines have changed,” joked Willing and Abel 1970 on TikTok, as Winterperson4 said, “I think Covid is over.”

Some viewers expected the Republican Party to respond strongly. Noted Twitter user @Angry Staffer wrote, “The GOP is having a collective heart attack because Jill Biden pecked Doug Emhoff on the lips.

The Benny Report writer Alex Lorusso posted a photo of the kiss on Twitter, asking: “Please explain to me why we still have ‘COVID Emergency’ until May, when this is our First Lady and ‘Second Gentleman.'”

Many online users made “swinging” jokes, and @GrandOldMemes has already made a meme of the photo of Biden and Emhoff sharing a kiss.

They posted an image of the president and first lady and used the West Wing TV show decal to write “The West Swing.” In the comments box, fans responded with words like “amazing” and “phenomenal.”

Since she also performed at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, the First Lady Biden has had a busy week. Political analyst Candace Owens previously accused her of insisting she was “Dr.” Jill Biden.

Other viral moments from the State of the Union speech included Joe Biden’s “minority leader” mistake and jokes about Marjorie Taylor Green’s clothing.

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