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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck new tattoos

by Ana Lopez
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Ink has been used to remember the love between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Bennifer 2.0 got matching tattoos to mark their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. While the designs of the stars differ, each has the other’s name or initial.

Lopez has a red eternal sign with an arrow through it as his pledge of allegiance. Ben, her husband’s name, is at the top and Jennifer, her name, is at the bottom of the endless loop. She appears to have placed the pattern below her heart on her left rib.

Affleck’s is a simpler black design with two criss-crossing arrows connected by string and the letters J and B sandwiched in the middle. It looks like the tattoo is on his inner arm. The Marry Me actress posted photos of the tattoos on Instagram, along with intimate, loving photos of her and Affleck living their married life, going on beach vacations, getting married and decorating their home.

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She even included two throwback photos from when they first started dating, which was about 20 years ago, at the end of the presentation, with her recognizable 2003 mint green Oscars dress making another cameo.

“A dedication (Watch for more details on VDay coming soon to #OnTheJLo.) Happy Valentine’s Day my love” She captioned her post.

In April 2021, Lopez and Affleck, who made their Grammy debut as Mr. and Mrs. Affleck rekindled their romance earlier this month. A year later, in April 2022, they got engaged (again). A few weeks after their July wedding, a spectacular wedding took place at the actor’s Georgia home, in a private ceremony in Las Vegas attended only by two of their children.

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