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Is Lori petty gay? What is American actress Lori Petthy’s sexuality?

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Is Lori Petty Gay

Lori Petty is an actress, director and writer from the United States. She is known for her roles in the films Point Break (1991), A League of Their Own (1992), Free Willy (1993) and Tank Girl (1994). (1995).

Petty joined the Netflix original show Orange Is the New Black as a guest star named Lolly Whitehill in the second season. In the third, fourth and seventh seasons she played Whitehill again and again.

Early years and education

Is Lori Petty Gay

Lori Petty was born in Tennessee on October 14, 1963. Her father was a Pentecostal minister. Petty has two younger siblings.

She graduated from North High School in Sioux City, Iowa in 1981. Before becoming an actress, she worked as a graphic designer in Omaha, Nebraska for a few years.

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Is Lori petty gay?

Is Lori Petty Gay

No, Lori Petty is not gay and his sexual orientation is straight. Since her first show, people have been curious about Lori’s sexuality. The short hair and boyish looks of the actress make her look even more like a tomboy than a barbie.

Her 1992 film, “A competition of its own”, is considered one of the best lesbian themed movies.

Six years later, she was also in the movie Relax… It’s just sexin which all characters were gay or lesbian.

Similarly, after taking a short break from acting, she played a lesbian named Lolly Whitehill in an episode of Orange is the new black in 2013. Because she did so well, the show’s creators made her a regular.

Since she has played lesbians in movies and TV shows, some people thought she might be gay. Not having a partner or spouse and not being married makes it worse.

But Lori was in a long-term relationship with David Alan Grier, proving she’s not a lesbian.

Moreover, during a Q&A session on Facebook, one of her followers inquired about her relationship with Hollywood hunk Keanu Reeves. She was so excited about the question that she said Keanu was the sexiest man ever and she was ready to hang out with him anytime.

The interview showed that she is interested in men, gave more information about her sexuality and showed that she is straight.

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Is Lori Petty dating anyone in 2023?

Is Lori Petty Gay

As of January 2023, Lori Petty is single and not dating anyone. In the mid-1990s, Lori was rumored to be dating American actor David Alan Grier.

They were good friends and went to bureaucratic events together. Even though they were together for a long time, they broke up but remained good friends.

She also posted a flashback photo of herself and Gregory Hinesan old friend and partner.


She wished the late actor a happy birthday and called him her valentine in the post.

However, Lori is not married. She has always put her work above finding a partner and getting married.

Lori said in an interview with The everyday beast in 2014 that she has always put her acting career above her personal goals. In the interview she said:

“I was in my thirties, and I hadn’t married my agent, married my co-stars, or gotten fake ti****s or Botox. I never wanted to be a bomb; I wanted to be an actor. I would much rather be a woman than a man.”

But after the pandemic, she seems to have changed her mind. She said in her Instagram post that she misses everything: the smile, the makeup, the gym, and even strangers hugging her. Her picture said:

I miss everything. I miss loving you. I miss hugging strangers on the street and your selfies. I miss every ‘I love you’. I miss sleep. I miss work. I miss laughing and makeup and the gym. I miss you.

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